Saturday, September 26, 2020

Poncho and New Crumb Quilt

Memory Lane Trip here!

This young girl is me, I was sitting beside my Dad on the Safari train that goes around Stanley Park. This park located in the heart of Vancouver city was an icon at the the time.

This photo was taken 1971, back when the park enjoyed popularity and I loved it. Seeing so many wild and exotic animals was a thrill. I remember the moment well. I had been afraid to go on the train alone. My parents didn't have a lot of money and my Mom was upset after she had paid for my ticket, I whined about wanting her to come with me. She was upset and wanted to yank me off the train in disgust, when my Dad settled it all with his ticket. 

It was one of the happiest time I had with my Dad. 

But the other exciting reason I share this photo is because I'm wearing a white and gold poncho made by me. Thinking back on it, making the poncho must have taken quite a bit of yarn. Money was always tight, but my parents bought that yarn for me. 

It's nice to look back with good memories and see the visible early signs of a life long crafter, crocheted, knitted and eventually a lifelong sewer.

I framed the center with bold grey prints that are difficult to find a home for and it seems to work.

Then two ends have been added as well. If you are on Istagram, I follow a British quilter who is in love with upcycling as much as I am.

This is my Saturday quilting before canning starts again.

Happy quilting folks!

Stay safe, stay well.


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Crazy Quilt Love Again

My cazy quilting has come to pass by me again, like a muse, the crazies are alwasy present and watching me like a crone would do.

(If you wish to see a closer photo of this work, click on the image)

Have you read anything about crones my friend? I stumbled upon the work of Barbara G. Walker about a decade ago. Women's spirituality is the main thrust of her work and its wonderful to learn more about being a crone yourself.

 A lot of my character is based on giving, improving their lives in some way and encouraging women. I used stitching to help teens become more confident and women to aspire to a different calling via stitching. 

In all the workshops I've taught, I have enjoyed a group of 5 - 7 women, its seems to be a good amount of voices.

I am a women who lives with a man, has raised 2 male children to adulthood and have only a few female friends, but of those few, these women are proud, sensitive, worldly yet a little naive and love nature. Upcycling, gardening, hiking, walking and stitching are the mainstays of these friendships that go back to the 1980's.

My stitching is an partial identity for me.

Its given me strength when things were difficult and lonely. Crazy quilting is similar to a dream where your mind takes where its got a mind to go.

I particularly love crazy quilts made all by hand, I have several in my possession that I've bought or rather rescued from the dumpster. The last one was a daughter who just didn't know anything about the time and effort that goes into a hand made crazy quilt. And so as I leafed through pages of quilting magazines and noticed a plastic bag with some embroidery stitches showing through the flimy plastic. I asked about it and was told that bag was garbage.

Yep, I know rolling your eyes and shaking your head, right.

And just because I can, I've added a few of the crazy quilts that is various stages of crazy quilting.

I say ladies and gents and them, please do get busy on your own crazy quilted piece!

I mean it, suddenly we're home more, with more time on our hands cause we sure aren't shopping downtown for a while, COVID 19 has been a promoter of self reflection time, even though stressful, its making us stop looking at devices and do something hand made.








Have a lovely week.

Happy stitching, keep in touch and follow along.



Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Alberta Blue Quilt

Alberta Blue quilt is ongoing and without a goal for a finished date.

Not much to talk about, just applique and machine sewing and more applique.
But having fun anyway!

Happy Stitching everyone!



Thursday, September 10, 2020

Lime Green Crazy Quilt

I gotta tell you I purchased this from an online shop in Australia. I love Welsh Quilts!

This is my dresden plate template crazy quilt. I know, what was I thinking?

But I'm liking it so far and the lime green is a maybe, what do you think of the green color?

 Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below?

Hope you are  having a great week and feeling refreshed from a little down time on the Long Weekend.

I have also been harvesting like crazy in my garden and freezing stuff.

Happy Stitching folks!


Monday, September 7, 2020

My 2020 Christmas Crazy Quilt

 It seemed to make sense earlier this year, when I just gave up on goals for stitching. With working full time, I just don't have time to actually make a deadline, so that went out the window and suddenly I felt a lot better once I knew that the 37 quilts I have in various stages of completion were never getting done it lit a flame under me like no other. 

First up is what is now called 2020 Christmas Crazy Quilt and I'm almost finished a flimsy! Finally these beautiful blocks are put together and a border has begun taking shape. I finished these blocks back in about 2015, but with moving 2016 they were in storage and then we bought our home in Duncan, they also went into a drawer.

So now, we are making progress. I'll have an improved finish as soon as I can, but I'd say before the end of September this flimsy will be a finished quilt for Christmas Decorating.

Happy Stitching everyone! 

Hope your Long weekend in Canada is going well and you are sticking to your bubble of family close to you.


Thursday, September 3, 2020


I often get an idea at bedtime. Well, mostly I try hard to tell myself to remember it, but rarely do. I've been practicing getting out of bed and write it down, but then I'd have to disturb my sweetie and that's not a good idea at bedtime.

So basically, I rely on my memory.

But recently a friend texted to ask if I was interested in a bag of fabric scraps. Well, at first I tried not to think about it and her offer to drop it off at my house.

Weeks went by as they do in the COVID19 fog as it is, and she texted again, 'Its at the house, front porch, can you pick it up?'

So my hubby and I took our dog to the park for a good gander around and on the way home, we stopped, my hubby got out and immediately whined it was heavy. And it was.

But you know when see the beautiful silk, raw silk too, linen, viscose and rayon scraps I was in love.
And this little piece came to my mind right away and so I did go ahead and make it and look.

What do you think?

I was only in love with the vibrant red dragon flowers I have in the garden and saw them against a dark background. It made me feel good and that's the best part isn't it?

This is a me, looking tired, in pain after I was lost and Rusty came and found me in the forest. Yes, my specialist says nothing can be done for my left ankle. But we are getting more xrays to determine the correct leg length difference I really do have, so that is a start. MRI is next.

Yes, I admit, there in the all the beauty of the west coast rain forest, my mushrooming had brought me some awesome Chantrelle's and Lobster mushrooms. But suddenly I looked up and nothing looked familiar. But then I called out loudly my hubby's name and waited. Then again, I yelled this time, and nothing. I knew enough about this topic after living in Northern B.C. where if you get lost, you must stay put after you realise you are lost. Running around frantic does deplete your precious energy and you almost always go farther away from safety, so I stayed put.

I sat down and looked around. I was expecting at least to hear traffic on the road occassionally, but didn't. My mind worried about last winter's news report of a woman aged 70 who went hiking and never was found again!

I sat down and continued surveying for mushrooms and then I heard a tinkle of a collar and there was Rusty looking at me with this expectant look to follow her. She didn't come right to me, instead she stood on top of mossy log about 20 ft away and whined to me. I knew she'd take right back to the car. And yes, my hero is my dog!

Rick had not heard my calls but Rusty had. Key thing here, her hearing if better than my hubby's. 🐕

These are lobster mushrooms, after cleaning up the slimey bits etc, mouse nibbles, you know, they look like this and fill the room with a seafood smell when they are cooked, but so delicious. Get to know your mushrooms people. Paul Stamet is an expert. Now a disclosure here, I don't gain anything by sending you to Paul Stamets site and if you are turned off by mushroom supplements, go and search Paul Stamets on You Tube, you will learn a lot!

I am so lucky, that I had brought my stitching along for a few nice minutes of quiet stitching. 

Hope you are staying home and being good this long Canadian weekend.

Wear a mask please.

Happy Stitching,


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