Poncho and New Crumb Quilt

Memory Lane Trip here!

This young girl is me, I was sitting beside my Dad on the Safari train that goes around Stanley Park. This park located in the heart of Vancouver city was an icon at the the time.

This photo was taken 1971, back when the park enjoyed popularity and I loved it. Seeing so many wild and exotic animals was a thrill. I remember the moment well. I had been afraid to go on the train alone. My parents didn't have a lot of money and my Mom was upset after she had paid for my ticket, I whined about wanting her to come with me. She was upset and wanted to yank me off the train in disgust, when my Dad settled it all with his ticket. 

It was one of the happiest time I had with my Dad. 

But the other exciting reason I share this photo is because I'm wearing a white and gold poncho made by me. Thinking back on it, making the poncho must have taken quite a bit of yarn. Money was always tight, but my parents bought that yarn for me. 

It's nice to look back with good memories and see the visible early signs of a life long crafter, crocheted, knitted and eventually a lifelong sewer.

I framed the center with bold grey prints that are difficult to find a home for and it seems to work.

Then two ends have been added as well. If you are on Istagram, I follow a British quilter who is in love with upcycling as much as I am.

This is my Saturday quilting before canning starts again.

Happy quilting folks!

Stay safe, stay well.



  1. Fascinating quilt you've got going. Your comment about the gray fabric made me smile. How is it that we get fabric in our stashes and is never used because it doesn't really match anything? It's like someone else bought it and stuck it in there. You "mentioned quilting before canning". I had a marathon day yesterday with ripe pears. There was no quilting going on at all. Looking forward to tomorrow when I can finish up.

  2. Lovely trip down memory lane, I've been feeling introspective too lately. Quilt looks lovely!


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