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Memory Quilts

I have made many quilts that are not even photographed and you have forgotten where they all actually went to in the mail or via a hug. I sometimes see one of my quilts by surprise and its like meeting an old friend. I have great memories of each quilt, I can remember all the little issues or joy of discovery in each one, sometimes you spend only a few hours with each one or sometimes its many days, weeks or months to their completion. Enjoy a sampling of some quilts I've made, given away and some were commissions too. I still take commissions on making memory quilts, as they are my favorite. Its a personal journey to use a persons clothing into a quilt. Each one is lovingly worked on with mindful fingers, needles and thread. My Blue Denim Quilt, jeans and  vintage barkcloth. Made around 2010. A snippet from a Denim Photo Quilt 2016 Smithers Centennial Quilt 2013 Canadian Endangered Species Quilt for my hubby, has wool batting, very warm, perfect for cold chilly nights. 2009 Madusa