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Circle Sharing for Quilty 365

I've been very busy these days and another fun project is coming along- my circles! I'm just not staying with the exact version of a circle. I am going to other versions of circles and I love the idea that someone else is doing this kind of free form circles in this Quilty 365 from Kaja of Sew Slowly Blog. I'm even mining all my photos not previously shown online. I am thinking about even photos into circles and placed in the quilt. I'm not sure on all parts of free form I'm leaning toward. I hesitate long enough to sleep on it. This family photo from decades ago show the potential. Even the simple wagon wheel goes doesn't it? This can easily be made into a circle right? Check out the patterns of circle quilts at Geta Gama. And you can see her almost daily post at her blog. The resulting quilt of your own ideas can be really special and why not make more quilts of your own design? Takin

Alberta Sunset Delivered

Alberta Sunset art piece is complete, 44 x 38 inches, machine thread painting with hand dyed fabric, multiple threads some variegated and solid colors too. Hand delivered to my client. She and her husband were thrilled, seeing their photo replicated in fabric. I'll be assisting with the installation of this art  piece. I've been taken care of like a member of the family! My own suite, meals and getting to know my client! They like to get to know emerging artists! What a treat.