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Jemima's Mystery Quilt

It's a new year and this hexie making project has been very consuming.  This is the end of Part 6 on Jemima's Creative Quilting Mystery Quilt. As you recall I joined and got to about part 6 on the first one. I will share with you in the coming weeks where my first Hexie Mystery ended up. My garden will start calling me back soon. And this year 2022,  I begin weighing 50 lbs less than I started 2021. What a true accomplishment for me.  This is a very common lunch for me. I started March 16th, 2021 after learning that my mobility was on the line. I learned from MIR that I had two torn tendons in my left ankle. I injured it Feb 2018, fought my doctor over getting an MIR only to be told that I'd be wasteing the tax dollars.  Bottom line, I learned that not all doctors have ethics! And that if want to change something, it's only me that is going to change anything. A start is better than a non-start. Losing weight o