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Log Cabin- Hand Stitching Tutorial

I just love to play with fabric and seeing that my life is swerving and growing faster than I ever thought possible, but I'm excited and want to tell you about it. These blocks are a finished 12.5 in. square.  This version is for hand stitching or machine stitching the fast and random way. Start: various dark print or solid strips WOF x 1 1/2 in. I leave all strips WOF throughout the hand stitching, I don't pre-cut into assigned lenghts. Various light colored print or solid strips WOF x 1 1/2 in. I cut random 1 1/2 in. squares in one color.  Usually I use a red color print to pay homage to the original tradition of the red color in center represents the hot fire of the hearth of the home. Then light color prints in 1 1/2 in. sqaures to begin each block. Stitch a series of two 1 1/2 in. squares together with a simple running stitch as shown in all photos. Finger press or press to the dark side with iron. Keep adding st

Circles that Charm

I had done a few quilty items in circles when I discovered  "Quilty 365" late last year. I do love how life goes around in circles. I'm realizing I have a thing for cirlces! Dresden Circles. Blanket stitched circles too! Street art going in cirlces! Happy Quilting!

Taking a Few Stitches

I love a Dreseden Plate quilt right up there with Log Cabin quilts. This one is coming together rather slow, but its feeling very organic as I've slowed down and calmed my creative spirit. Thanks to the movement of my followers or should I say to the "evacuation" of followers from this blog. I felt sad to see them go,but what can you do. I can't please or be attractive to everyone! Life and art are not meant to be carved out daily like machines! Taking the stitches as they come, watching them prance peacefully with happiness in their step across my work is a joy! Go in Peace.

Crazy Chevron Border Tutorial

 I use a light weight interfacing for the foundation. I cut the foundation to the size I wish. I start by placing a triangle on the very top. Layer the strips according to this starting point. I try hard to not get to the side and really off center or your chevron takes a turn for wonky and that I love. But I must lean off center.  I considered a chevron border on this quilt, but decided not. You can see what can happens when you put a chevron border on a quilt. This is one quilt that I treasure. Its called "Beach House CQ" and was part of the 2012 Quilt Festival in the U.S. Happy Quilting!

"String Piecing Machine Quilting As You Go"

 Hello Kath, thank you for leaving me a comment regarding the QAYG method. And to Sharon who long ago asked about joining crazy quilt blocks. This little wee post on "String Piecing Machine Quilting As You Go" is one of my favorite ways to put any quilt together. Its so versatile. First of all, have you begun to follow my Facebook page? I'm posting more photos on Facebook these days as its so convenient and fast to post. If you have a FaceBook account, go here. If you don't have a FB account, you can still visit and view what I'm posting, you just won't be able to leave a comment. Cut and paste this link or click on it to visit my page. Lets get to strip piecing machine quilting as you go girls and guys!! You can start with any block you want, really! Add same size batting and quilt in any way you want. You can get very creative! Once you have made