Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Log Cabin- Hand Stitching Tutorial

I just love to play with fabric and seeing that my life is swerving and growing faster than I ever thought possible, but I'm excited and want to tell you about it.

These blocks are a finished 12.5 in. square.

 This version is for hand stitching or machine stitching the fast and random way.

Start: various dark print or solid strips WOF x 1 1/2 in.

I leave all strips WOF throughout the hand stitching, I don't pre-cut into assigned lenghts.

Various light colored print or solid strips WOF x 1 1/2 in.

I cut random 1 1/2 in. squares in one color.

 Usually I use a red color print to pay homage to the original tradition of the red color in center represents the hot fire of the hearth of the home. Then light color prints in 1 1/2 in. sqaures to begin each block.

Stitch a series of two 1 1/2 in. squares together with a simple running stitch as shown in all photos.

Finger press or press to the dark side with iron.

Keep adding strips, light or dark to the next side of each of the blocks.

Rarely do I have this happen, but I did actually make two identical blocks.


Above, I was caught in this photo above hand quilting with a friend at the Nelson Waldorf School.

My first quilt showing of my work back in 2004 shows my first Log Cabin made from reused men's pants and men's shirts.

Then, once the blocks are all made up, I line them up on the floor and decide the final placement into the finished large quilt. This quilt was made for my youngest son Paul.

Hope you found this little tutorial interesting. I use this method when travelling or fishing/camping, its so portable with two bread bags full of darks and lights, needle, thread and scissors. Very useful and portable.

Happy Quilting.


  1. Out of the more traditional quilt patterns I think log cabin has to be one of my favorites. There are so many different variations to keep it interesting.

    1. Thanks for this comment Mary Anne, I agree totally. In fact, I have some more in construction all with hand stitching. Its one of my favorite ways to hand stitch.

  2. Beautiful quilts and hand stitching Caroline! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Janie. I do more hand stitching than machine stitching usually. Up soon is the finished Alberta Sunset.

  4. Thank you Janie. I do more hand stitching than machine stitching usually. Up soon is the finished Alberta Sunset.

  5. I love log cabin quilts made from scraps. They are fun to make and even more fun to quilt because you get to rediscover the fabrics you've used. I can usually remember where I got each fabric so the process of stitching is a trip down memory lane. I love your first log cabin quilt with the men's clothing fabrics. It looks stunning hanging on the wall.

    1. Me too, I love log cabins. So soothing to hand stitch. I love that they are so portable, like hexies!


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