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Wedding Table Runners

Last summer was one of the busiest on record, buying, moving and two weddings! While the summer was very busy, I started on some more autumnal colored circles for the first table runner for Monique. You know I've recently had to put them aside as its all way tooooo addictive. Who knew I'd love hand applique of simple circles, as much as I do? And her husband to be wanted something in red and blue.  And as I look back on it, its a total wonder how I managed to make anything with my sewing womb a total uproar. I'm culling and giving away to local good charities and still I have too much stuff! But this Denim Wedding quilt was a 2017 finish and it completely went right by me!  Again, between moving and then buying, it was a hectic summer and I envy of you quilters who are so organized. But slowly I've gained ground with all this culling, its actually quite freeing and is allowing me to focus on what's important to me. Getting out into the na

Trails In the Forest-Map Challenge

I am happy to report progress is  happening on several projects. Fall is upon us now, suddenly summer went without so much as a "see ya later" as I lay my head down to sleep one night. The  next day it was fall. I know my hubby will laugh and say "You always say fall is here and its only September!" but my bones know for sure. I have decided to add my contribution over at AHIQ:Improvisational Quilts to this year's challenge. Map Challenge. You can tell its fall with this awful photo! Dark, grey days of rain is the only outside light and my sewing womb overhead light sucks! These blocks were just the beginning of my expression of Mind Mapping trails of my childhood. When I started this challenge, I was thinking memories of my fond days as a child walking and playing in the wild bush of Northern B.C. Its that time of year when dog pads need to be refreshed, cleaned and repaired. Rusty seems to need a little help with positioning. Her lates

Improv Map Challenge

Its clear I love a challenge, which is evident in the diverse array of quilts I've made so far. I have trudged on through mud and flowers in my quilts. But as quickly as this challenge took a great leap in my head, I stitched away with a picture in my mind, but life got in the way of it and now, its gone into a treaded bin! Its not working for me, the flow is gone and so I was wasting a bit of time reading other blogs and I read through Kaja's long post that made me think. Maybe that is my problem, I'm over thinking this thing. You know we all do that sometimes. And while my spare time for any quilting it hitting an all time low, I am peristant! Kaja's flow is interesting where she gathers fabric together in color selections that appeal to her. It doesn't mean anything at the beginning she says, but then the muse visits and voila! But her process of restacking, adjusting to make bundles of colors, prints and solids all in one batch that really caught

Klassen Forest Fire Quilt Progress

From time to time we meet new quilters from across the globe. Sometimes, its at a retreast and sometimes at shows, but I've had the good fortune to meet all sorts of new quilters by participating in Benita's Quilters Meet and Greet. For some of you, the link didn't work, so I'm including the same link above to visit ALL the fabulous quilters who have joined Benita to officially launch Benita new blog. Please do pop over and see the enormous amount of interesting things that Benita's Membership offers and to enter her One Huge Prize. Now, moving along to my Klassen Forest Fire Quilt. I've come down with a back attack that has convinced me that I can only do the free motion quilt as you go method. So I have cut up the entire quilt seen  below into blocks. I know what caused this back attack. I had a wee visit from vertigo which needed the Epley Manuever done to me to stop the vertigo. In fact, while on the table getting the manuever done, the tabl

Forest Fire Quilts Project

Hello again to all quilters and welcome to new quilters reading my post for the first time here at Good Earth Quilting.  Its not winter yet, thankfully, but this photo is one that I'm sharing to show the loss these two folks have suffered at the long handed flames of forest fires in B.C. this summer. This home and barns took a lifetime to build and these two are now grand-parents, but still pioneers. But the loss to a forest fire is so devastating and must be crushing for our friends. This summer has been hot and firey, with so many forest fires, the province is still in a declared "State of Emergency" across the whole province. We can help in some small way, maybe a quilt will help to heal the loss. Sadly, my hubby and I learned just a few days ago of the loss to our friends' home and barns in Telegraph Creek seen behind our friends who live a rugged life in the remote community of Telegraph Creek. We have know each other for eons it