Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Klassen Forest Fire Quilt Progress

From time to time we meet new quilters from across the globe. Sometimes, its at a retreast and sometimes at shows, but I've had the good fortune to meet all sorts of new quilters by participating in Benita's Quilters Meet and Greet.

For some of you, the link didn't work, so I'm including the same link above to visit ALL the fabulous quilters who have joined Benita to officially launch Benita new blog. Please do pop over and see the enormous amount of interesting things that Benita's Membership offers and to enter her One Huge Prize.

Now, moving along to my Klassen Forest Fire Quilt. I've come down with a back attack that has convinced me that I can only do the free motion quilt as you go method. So I have cut up the entire quilt seen  below into blocks.

I know what caused this back attack. I had a wee visit from vertigo which needed the Epley Manuever done to me to stop the vertigo. In fact, while on the table getting the manuever done, the table was slippery and I struggled to get my body turned over.

Anyway, a weekend using a cane hobbling around like an old lady is enough for me to completely go a different direction-QAYGO block construction. This gives me the right size blocks to work on each individually.

I'm sure you are aware of QAYG method and this is where I re-start this project.

A back attack will not keep me from meeting my goals of completing this quilt as soon as possible.

Up next is one of my long time favorites Mexa-Cali Heat Round Robin Quilt that is almost done. Border plan has been drafted and is ready to start cutting and piecing.

Thanks for dropping by to my humble abode!

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