Sunday, October 22, 2017

Update and Heartbreak!

My attention taken with unpacking and culling, I find the moments of sorting and culling from my art supply stash brings me joy.

But soon this whole box of brand new Organic Cotton Yardage is going to be sold. If you live anywhere near Duncan, yardage at $10/meter. 

I remember sorting and doing our first cull in advance of our move and have since done this three other times until this recent sort and cull. So many others are on the move as well as well. Travellers relocating to my local area are posted everyday on our local classifieds. Many are looking for both, jobs and housing. 

We now live in a real Earthquake zone called Pacific Ring of Fire. The small town I live in is right overtop of this massive fault line that covers the population of hundreds of thousands other people, so I am not alone. The Ring encircles the whole Pacific Ocean. and the western part of Canada is on the Pacific Ocean. 

But am I prepared to live for at least a minimum of three days without normal life, perhaps injured, perhaps trapped?

No, not yet, but have taken enough time to begin gathering the items found on the B.C. Earthquake Preparedness Emergency Kit. Mostly ongoing and finding a safe location where one could get the stuff in the aftermath is tricky!

But now onto the fun stuff!

I have found the corduroy quilt and was sorely disappointed. I vaguely remember being in a panic to finish up some stuff in 2014 and became almost lost in my vision that is clear. Its very real what pain and painkillers will do for you, both good and bad.

I had forgotten about this awful beige border I added on in a panic. What a mess, I'm going to have to do some major surgery to it and thinking about the only way to avoid hours of countless hours of unpicking both the seam and overstitching is to add a second border behind and then do some creative hand work on the beige edge. I will do a tutorial for you when I get there.

To make matters even worse, I must have changed my mind at some point and began to cut the beige edge away! OMG its a mess really, I barely remember this as its been in a bin for several years before we even moved. I had packed up alot to keep it safe and in cold storage.

So it looks as though its become a Dog's Breakfast as my old friend would say.

Really, I will have to do some major surgery to this quilt to even be willing to keep it and yes, I loved making it to the last part. Stress will that to you!

But on another note, I found more of the fun stuff that I knew existed in my bins and boxes. Like this little crazy quilt from so far back, its been at least a decade and still unfinished!

I think I have a problem with finishing. Its a sober thought, but maybe this is something I need some help with and wondering have you found yourself in this kind of mess?

Please share what you've done to become a Finisher!

I have a friend who loves aqau colored stuff and found the most wanted quilt top of a table runner in my collection. Nola, its coming along sooner than later.

 Thanks for being a good friend to me all those years in Quick!

Here it is, I'm making it the first one I finish!

And my little wooly projects saying hello too!

Unpacking is coming along and while I did finish up this little table runner for Monique and Morgan, a special couple of newlyweds!

Now, onto the second table runner in red and blues coming up for you Morgan!

All hand stitched together. Hand appliqued circles entirely. Its been a fun project that I found soothing over the summer.

Happy Quilting.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Circling Around the Intent

I love to read some of my favorite blogs and one is Sew Slowly by one lovely lady who could very well be another me. I know, who knew?

I identify with her words and wished we lived closer. 

It was her blog that I first found the 365 Circles movement of sorts.

Now, getting back to why Sew Slowly is my favorite blog is because her work speaks to using up the numerous fabric odds and ends we quilters accumulate. I am very aware of how many bins and boxes my husband has faithfully carried around for me, this being 32 years coming up for our 2017 anniversary so I know he really loves me! :)

I made a new cell phone bag this summer before moving that hasn't been shared here. It was made after making my nephew's wedding quilt close up below.

We also bought a Persian Rug for our new home and love it.

As you can see this wee table runner with circles on it is becoming a new wedding present for good friends. Entirely hand sewn and slow as can be in making it. I also have more than 379 circle blocks waiting for the project to become a reality.

Do you have numerous projects on the go or do you always start and finish your quilts? Leave me a comment.

In the weeks before moving, we took in Long Beach outside of Tofino, B.C. and this visit marked a lovely reunion because I used to go to high school in Ucluelet near Tofino. I spent many hours having fun on this beach as a teen ager.

And as I unpack, I'm finding all the projects that are in various stages of being finished such as this crazy quilt block that I worked on during my painful recovery period of the sciatic nerve injury back in 2012. Sciatic pain is quite the pain and wish I didn't have the pain associated with it, but I do, so all I can do is move on.

As you can see the backgound fabrics chosen were dark and gloomy. I committed myself to letting the pain speak in my choices of how I built this block.

As the pain became more managable, the colors chosen to embellish this little block brightened and its now one of my favorites.

Yes, all these lovely crazy quilt blocks are waiting to be finished!

And then below are the crazy circles with additional packets of fabric waiting for more to be built are some of the unpacking "Its Like Christmas" bins that are coming back into my life.

Its really hard to live from bins and boxes for three years! I don't wish that to happen again in my life. Its like I took a sabatical from my work and while I missed my projects, I am so revived to be finding these again. 

So thank you to all my online friends who are commented on my posts over the years and another anniversary is about to explode on my blog when I hit 500 posts!

This is all for now, back to unpacking, sorting and decision making. No new projects until this whole bunch are done.

Take care and keep on quilting!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ties and Corduroy Project in a box!

I started with a whole bunch of different wales of recycled corduroy. I cut them using a 6 inch square of cardboard from a cereal box. I used the cereal box because I found it quite hard to use my wide blade rotary cutter. 

Tip: When recycling clothing into new quilting projects, remove all seams and press as best you can before cutting out your shapes.

I had a bunch of ties that I had collected over several years to make this quilt. I decided to cut either ends of each tie and applique these down onto the cordduroy blocks.

This is my start of this little quilt. This is really like Christmas. I had almost completely forgotten this little quilt.

Catch ya later! 

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