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Update and Heartbreak!

My attention taken with unpacking and culling, I find the moments of sorting and culling from my art supply stash brings me joy. But soon this whole box of brand new Organic Cotton Yardage is going to be sold. If you live anywhere near Duncan, yardage at $10/meter.  I remember sorting and doing our first cull in advance of our move and have since done this three other times until this recent sort and cull. So many others are on the move as well as well. Travellers relocating to my local area are posted everyday on our local classifieds . Many are looking for both, jobs and housing.  We now live in a real Earthquake zone called Pacific Ring of Fire.  The small town I live in is right overtop of this massive fault line that covers the population of hundreds of thousands other people, so I am not alone. The Ring encircles the whole Pacific Ocean. and the western part of Canada is on the Pacific Ocean.  But am I prepared to live for at least a minimum of three

Circling Around the Intent

I love to read some of my favorite blogs and one is Sew Slowly by one lovely lady who could very well be another me. I know, who knew? I identify with her words and wished we lived closer.  It was her blog that I first found the 365 Circles  movement of sorts. Now, getting back to why Sew Slowly is my favorite blog is because her work speaks to using up the numerous fabric odds and ends we quilters accumulate. I am very aware of how many bins and boxes my husband has faithfully carried around for me, this being 32 years coming up for our 2017 anniversary so I know he really loves me! :) I made a new cell phone bag this summer before moving that hasn't been shared here. It was made after making my nephew's wedding quilt close up below. We also bought a Persian Rug for our new home and love it. As you can see this wee table runner with circles on it is becoming a new wedding present for good friends. Entirely hand sewn and slow as can be in making it. I al

Ties and Corduroy Project in a box!

I started with a whole bunch of different wales of recycled corduroy. I cut them using a 6 inch square of cardboard from a cereal box. I used the cereal box because I found it quite hard to use my wide blade rotary cutter.  Tip: When recycling clothing into new quilting projects, remove all seams and press as best you can before cutting out your shapes. I had a bunch of ties that I had collected over several years to make this quilt. I decided to cut either ends of each tie and applique these down onto the cordduroy blocks. This is my start of this little quilt. This is really like Christmas. I had almost completely forgotten this little quilt. Catch ya later!