Thursday, May 12, 2022

Memory Quilt Denim Clothing

This is my most recent make. A memory quilt for a female business owner who commissioned me to make 2 quilts, but then enough scraps were left and a third was commissioned as well.

Making memory quilts are a spiritual experience for me. It's a huge honour to take a real person's clothing and make them into a quilt that is a cuddly reminder.

A men's wool blazer, skiing clothing, sweats, t-shirts, dress shirts, ties and denim jean's arrived about 12 weeks ago.

I have to take time reflect on what I know about the deceased which was very little except how he died. But his life was filled to the brim with love.

I wanted to be respectful of his accomplishments and success. The first memory quilt measured app. throw size 54 in. by 59 in. flannel backing from upcycled sheet.

Three denim quilts in a row is quite a bit of work.  But now, I've been deep into my hexie quilt for the wedding this late summer. More of that next time.

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Doll Quilt Swap

Embroidery has always been a great love of mine.

I see sometimes embroidery in shops but its not well done or meaninful. Embroidery falls into the category of embellishment and the variety of different floss, threads and yarns that can be incorporated into any piece are what I'm all about.

This is my start onto a Doll Quilt Swap that has be done by end of March 2022.

Its a blaza day with clouds and nippy wind so I'm playing on the computer and stitching.

Happy Saturday!


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Jemima's Mystery Quilt

It's a new year and this hexie making project has been very consuming. 

This is the end of Part 6 on Jemima's Creative Quilting Mystery Quilt. As you recall I joined and got to about part 6 on the first one. I will share with you in the coming weeks where my first Hexie Mystery ended up.

My garden will start calling me back soon. And this year 2022,  I begin weighing 50 lbs less than I started 2021. What a true accomplishment for me. 

This is a very common lunch for me. I started March 16th, 2021 after learning that my mobility was on the line. I learned from MIR that I had two torn tendons in my left ankle. I injured it Feb 2018, fought my doctor over getting an MIR only to be told that I'd be wasteing the tax dollars. 

Bottom line, I learned that not all doctors have ethics! And that if want to change something, it's only me that is going to change anything.

A start is better than a non-start. Losing weight one day at a time. One meal after another. Get a good sleep.

I also designed a warm, brimmed hat.

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Memory Quilts

I have made many quilts that are not even photographed and you have forgotten where they all actually went to in the mail or via a hug. I sometimes see one of my quilts by surprise and its like meeting an old friend.

I have great memories of each quilt, I can remember all the little issues or joy of discovery in each one, sometimes you spend only a few hours with each one or sometimes its many days, weeks or months to their completion.
Enjoy a sampling of some quilts I've made, given away and some were commissions too. I still take commissions on making memory quilts, as they are my favorite. Its a personal journey to use a persons clothing into a quilt. Each one is lovingly worked on with mindful fingers, needles and thread.

My Blue Denim Quilt, jeans and  vintage barkcloth. Made around 2010.

A snippet from a Denim Photo Quilt 2016

Smithers Centennial Quilt 2013

Canadian Endangered Species Quilt for my hubby, has wool batting, very warm, perfect for cold chilly nights. 2009

Madusa's Hair made 2006

Christmas Dresden 2007

My first commissioned T-Shirt Quilt in 2010, custom crafted to fit an RV Mattress with deep pockets.

Helen's Drum Case, custom design, I can make you a drum cover protector too.

Memory Quilt from Ties and a special photo. 2011

Log Cabin Home 2003 to 2005

A Round Robin Quilt I enjoyed with international quilters. 2008

Crazy Quilted Cushion 2007

T-Shirt Quilt 2010

Embroidered Crazy Quilt Piece 2010

Round Lake Hall Quilt, still hanging today. 2009

3 Hr Quilt finished, example for a class 2012

Triangulate This, given to a friend who sleeps under this every night. 2012

T-Shirt Quilt 2010

Modern Wedding Quilt 2013

Hand Quilted Baby Quilt 2009

Twin Brothers T Shirt Quilts 2011

Zig Zag Table Runner 2019

Forest Fire Recovery Quilt 2019

It was sweet to walk down memory lane with this quilts. I hope you are doing well and stitching!


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Slow Stitch and Quilting

If you follow me on Instagram @carlithequilter you may know that I am losing weight through the Ideal Protein protocol offered through Pharmasave. 

I am doing do well, it amazing. I feel such better and able to take action. This has been 2.5 yrs of not knowing that something was really still wrong and I' d been the victim of a misdiagnosis.

I am documenting my journey in textiles.

Take care everyone, my age group is next for immunizations. Pheuf!!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Jemima's Creative Quilting-My latest Hexie project

 Hi friends,

Thanks for checking into my wee post on my recently begun "Quilt Along" and if you hang over on IS then you can visit with this hashtag #jcqmysteryqal and you'll see some of my posts from my IS feed @carlithequilter

Anyway, I sometimes wonder why the hell do we have to all these different programs, apps and social media sites? ☝

And I get kinda cranky about it sometimes 😊 cause my life is so very busy and I'm just relieved I have my quilting that I determinely hang onto, its really for my sanity and reminder of what I am NOT doing, that I long to do when I'm fully "Retired" and playing in my own sewing room.

I have made hexie flowers before many times. And hexie scrappy blocks like this above are a fine alternative to 'full on hexie' quilts. 

I have made dozens of Hexie flowers but not a full quilt. This has been a great learning opportunity.

I have great news, I'm following the #idealprotein protocol with Pharmasave and I'm losing weight.

This feather is the start of new things.

Hoping you all are having great sewing times and staying safe.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Robert Cerins Earrings!!

I just love Robert Cerins earrings for the Art To Wear they promote, but also because they use a different non-reacting metal for their handmade findings for their earrings.

 The ear wires are made of hypoallergenic Niobium. 100% Niobium (#41 on the periodictable) is an elemental metal like Gold, Silver, Platinum or Titanium.

This is a second reason why I love their earrings. Buy online at this link.

Happy Quilting everyone!



Sunday, January 3, 2021

Reflections of progress in 2020

This year end post of the most "unprecedented" year of 2020 is all about the various stitching projects I started, are in WIP's or are completed. I also drift into the topic of coping with COVID 19, self isolation and the nasty year this has been for many folks worldwide.

Its a bit chaotic in its presentation. We had our 1/2 hr outside masked visit to deliver gifts to our family and friends on Christmas Eve. 

I am writing this from my living room. Its quite cozy on this chilly wet day in Duncan, B.C. My sweetie has his playlist for 'Relaxed' playing and the fire is cracklingh on the big screen T.V.

I have felt all this year that I hadn't really kept up and made many things this year, but as it turns out this photo reflection is only part of my year. I was so busy, I missed photos.

This quilt below is one in my collection. Its called "The Happy Quilt."

Some quilts you just can't part with and they must remain beside me. This is one of them. The center part of this quilt is a block that was worked on over many years. It was the beginning of my journey to play with crazy quilting processes and Allie Allerson is doing in a very creative way. She has begun to incorporate many different pre-made items with such glory. You really need to follow her on social media.

The following five Christmas socks were asked for and delivered yesterday for our sons and friends.

My oldest's son got this complete 112 x 112 in.square quilt for his 35th birthday. The pattern is Rail Fence from Sujata's book.

This little quilt is a gift for my son's girllfriend. Its her first quilt.

My dear friend from Mexico managed to get this lovely gift of Mexican handmade items, which I'm so in love with and just had to share this gift.

A young friend needed a special quilt this year, he lost his long time dog.

We homeschooled our sons for 11 years and this 'Wood cutter' hand made and machine sewn by our oldest son finally made it to completion this year and its turned out to be profetic, he's now the co-owner of Oakstead Tree and Property Care in South Island of Vancouver Island.

My sister is the receiver of this lovely hand stitched log cabin blocks that I made over a decade while river fishing in Northern B.C. It's a 92 inch long table runner that will be completed in the early New Year.

This photo is of the new lift on left shoe that became such a major part of my life. Its part of helping my left foot recover from an injury in 2018. Walking every where in this set of shoes has promoted mucle structure changes to my body, my right side is complicated and has activated the Sciatic Nerve, complicating this more each day. Much time is spent stretching, exercising for keeping my mobility going. I won't say its easy, cause its not. 

But enough about that body stuff that is just life, I have flourished with successes of completion, growth and personal reflections.

I have made many personal clothing 'makes' this year and had such fun doing it.

I purchased these lovely earrings from a beader I know in Northern B.C. Handmade by an Indigenous maker you can find at this link. Her work is so beautiful, its hard not to buy them all.

My numerous makes in dressed must be a feat for me, I've been loving them to death. Its funny, I'm noticing that I'm choosing my homemade clothing more and more. Here are just a few of the makes I've completed this year. And this doesn't include the two pairs of heavy duty custom work pants for two of our crew.

I even made a custom pair of jeans from used jeans and they turned out really well, but the waist and width of legs are going to be adjusted and regifted.

So there, you go, this 2020 has been a scary and interesting year. I think I've grown more this year than others for sure and I hope this finds you all well and if not, please leave me comment about your year.

This is me, Carli Heinrichs, in the flesh and still smiling and wearing my beautiful hand made earrings from Sik'dakh in Northern B.C. 

This nasty year is just one more year of life and life is not always predictable or friendly. 

This year has brought challenges to everyone and the sector of low income has been paticularily hit hard. But each year is beautiful in its own way. 

This  year, outstanding work has been done by our frontlineworkers in the medical field, some of them even lost their lives. I personally thank you for your sacrifice in personal time and rest. Thank you also, to the Prime Minister Trudeau for guiding us through an unprecedented year federally and thank you to Dr. Bonnie Henry who tears and all has been a mountian of comfort and guidance for B.C.

I have been so blessed that my family and most friends have stayed healthy. We did lose one Godfather of our sons this year and Derek is missed by his wife, their children and friends. 
I write this blog for the followers who welcome a reset to using more uncycled cloth and repurposing all types of garments into something new before it goes to the dump!
 But thoroughout the year, I have made choices for improving my health, a skukum walker with fluid joints was gifted to me by my father in law.

 Its allowing me to walk straighter, longer and if I need a break, the seat is wonderful. But don't let yourself be fooled, I'm not an old lady, I am a senior with a ankle injury that didn't heal right.

So in concluding today's post, I want to thank those of you who have continued to follow my work, you know who you are, please be thanked in this note.

I wish you all a healthy, safe New Year in 2021



Memory Quilt Denim Clothing

This is my most recent make. A memory quilt for a female business owner who commissioned me to make 2 quilts, but then enough scraps were le...