Catching up with my work!

This is a flashback photo to 2006! Family visiting from down south, this is one of the little fantastic cabins at Round Lake Resort. Highly recommended if you are visiting the Bulkley Valley.

I finally found some time to update all that's been happening with me since the lovely wedding our oldest son to our beautiful daughter in law in August.

What you see below is the fully finished Hexie Quilt before the borders and machine quilting were done.

It took me 18 months of doing only one thing. That experience taught me a lot. I don't like working only on one project at a time. 

But even though I did complete this for the wedding of course, but still don't have any updated photos from the wedding, I think maybe Christmas is the time we'll see these photos.


We've been fussing with our Old Girl, Rusty is now 15.5 years old and still doing OK, but very frail and not into travelling anymore. We recently took her along on a quick trip to the Kootenays. That was clearly a reminder that she is just not up to travelling, she found it confusing, refused to eat for 4 days and we all arrived home exhasuted.

I have slowly culling and sorting to move into the dining room entirely. Its going to work out really good and its so handy, to sew while watching dinner!

This is my long awaiting start on my Red Quilt. I always wanted to make one and our recently joined the family, an accountant who without much ado has been working tirelessly on getting our business accounts up to date and done right this time. This is going to be his quilt. It will measure out to a Queen size bed quilt when its done. I'll post more as I go.

This Red Quilt started out with my own design about 14 years ago. Then when I was entertaining taking a remote teaching job, I let someone use my quilt for some examples of machine embroidery. What a total mistake that was! It caused this one to sit for 14 years until this month, I saw a new vision of removing the awful embroideries.

I appliqued red fabric rectangles overtop of each of the embroideries and carried on, it was such freedom to feel as I appliqued these onto this much loved but abused quilt was given new life.

Contentment as seen above is a work in progress. More on that another time.

I tried carving a crochet hook, but its not quite right.

I've had such fun hand pieced entirely by hand, slow stitching at its best. Its a busy looking quilt so when I discovered this border fabric, that has been so busy for all these years, its a fit for them both. I have at least 2 more yards of the same fabric and it will be continued in a frame style quilt.

Hoping all is well with you. Happy Quilting!




  1. That is an incredible wedding gift!!! I can't imagine the number of hours that went into it but methinks you won't be wanting to tackle another one anytime soon.


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