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Hexie Quilt Top WIP

Some of my days of late have been drafting, measuring, pressing, sorting and the like. I stumbled on a very organized-Value-Village-COVID-19 in Nanaimo. I glove-masked up and went in. Lots of decent, reasonable priced for a retail market. Maybe I'm just forgetting prices but these prices in VV and other "thrift shops" are becoming unreasonable for many seniors and low income folks to afford. The pricing seemed higher than previous times. Leave me your comnents below. I felt suddenly without much blue or green in my stash. But the good news is that it means I'm using it up at least my green and blue stash. And this is the first really sized load of fabrics I've purchased since 2016. Not bad! And that the green and blue fabrics might just find its way into new family quilts that I'm working on. Plus, I'm starting another Canadian Flag quilt for my youngest son.He's been wanting one since I gave the first one I made and then gave