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Its Like Christmas!

Hi everyone, I know its been an age since you've heard anything from me. I apologize for this tardyness, but as you know a move has been underway and I'm thrilled to be now living in Duncan, B.C. Its really like Christmas while unpacking at our new home. My new back yard and garden calls to me. But it has to wait till I have some room to move. Its really quite lovely, but really needs lots of TLC. Next year for that. We feel really lucky to have found a home that suited our needs and was a price that a normal person can afford on Vancouver Island. The high priced housing in Vancouver caused the government to impose a 15% foreign buyer tax just redirected those buyers to Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula. So we suddenly found ourselves in an extreme search to find a good home, which we did and we love the laid back cultural quiet of Duncan. No, my new sewing room is no bigger than I had back home in Quick. But I will get it all organized soon.