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Snow Town Folk Quilt Along Invitation

   In the fall of 2011, I completed my first real pattern, tested with two versions and two suggested layouts. I am so fortunate that a pattern of my own creation was chosen for inclusion in western Canada's magazine Quilters Connection . winter issue. Heather Macauther, publisher is an awesome entrepreneur and loves my work too! I've designed all sorts of patterns that I make for myself, friends and family. If you'd like to join in an upcoming Snow Town Folk quilt along, just email me directly at carli the quilter (at) gmail (dot) com This pattern was inspired by the many types of head wear I see in the winter months while ice fishing with my husband.  Ice fishers are a special kind of fisher in my opinion. They are special because they brave the cold temperatures, lug all kinds of gear miles down a lake, sometimes they have a shelter, but most times they are simply after the experience and the fresh wild fish in the winter months!  Salmon, the main fish of ch

Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt - Todd's Salmon

I trimmed to be positive of the size of each block to complete what I hope is the final draft of the layout.  The final draft of the layout is done! Todd's block had to have the machine embroidered salmon attached permanently onto the "water" block. The backside of which you can see, I simply did a machine satin stitch in red thread. This is the back side of a water themed crazy quilting block app. 9 1/4 x 15 3/4 inches.  The salmon from Todd's block, a local talent in Aboriginal art designed the three salmon, two males hovering over the female in water. As you can see, my draft is measured and I'll use this to proceed with how much fabric is used and when to cut what. Crazy quilting is my love in quilting and so its going to focused to represent the jewels of our valley and the very jewel of a community that Smithers really is will become apparant in this quilt. I tried to 'feel' the community, its different players, movers

Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt Project Part One

Last year when I heard of the coming Centennial for Smithers, my largest nearby town in Northern BC, I spoke up and put my thoughts on paper. I was pleased that the Centennial Committee was interested and I began planning the project. Community interest in our Centennial Events is already high and I eventually had 7 artists step up volunteering a piece of their art to be included in the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt Project. The following are photos of the submitted blocks and the artist or sometimes just the block. Take a look at the beginning of this unique quilt creation of 7 artists collaborating around me who is the main finisher of this quilt. I'm OK with this and have little time to involve anyone else, still work full time and have a life too! So onward goes the quilt, quietly gaining ground in an enormous amount of work. If you ever think that you want to make a centennial quilt, they are numerous sites that exist for any kind of quilt you'd like.

Not a stitch in sight, whirlwind vacation!

Recently, we took 8 days and traveled south to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and sunny the whole time. This sweet country of rural Canadians is alive with color in season and cultural diversity.  These first two photos are what we left behind.  Sockeye spawning in a creek off Babine Lake. Fall is upon us! A walk down a country road, the fall colors explode all around me!   Clinton, BC has some lovely historic buildings, perhaps this the first hospital or court building? Sorry, we were on a mission to complete the drive in 14hrs to Abbotsford from Telkwa. I wasn't officially site seeing. But the flavor and feel for the poeple comes through in so much that really describes hard working gentle regular Canadians.  Then across to Victoria, BC  Tasteful way to improve a boring brink wall and add to the color of Victoria, BC.  Fine architectural structures even being a relatively young country, we