Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt - Todd's Salmon

I trimmed to be positive of the size of each block to complete what I hope is the final draft of the layout.

 The final draft of the layout is done! Todd's block had to have the machine embroidered salmon attached permanently onto the "water" block. The backside of which you can see, I simply did a machine satin stitch in red thread. This is the back side of a water themed crazy quilting block app. 9 1/4 x 15 3/4 inches.

 The salmon from Todd's block, a local talent in Aboriginal art designed the three salmon, two males hovering over the female in water.

As you can see, my draft is measured and I'll use this to proceed with how much fabric is used and when to cut what. Crazy quilting is my love in quilting and so its going to focused to represent the jewels of our valley and the very jewel of a community that Smithers really is will become apparant in this quilt. I tried to 'feel' the community, its different players, movers and shaker's and farm folk to intellectuals, earthy types to bankers. Multicultural in many ways, but a strong European national presence is here. The alpine theme comes from the Swiss influence, Dutch farmers and German bankers live alongside our Aboriginal community, lively in color and culture, this quilt has tried to speak to all of it.

 Todd's block represents the vital natural resource in salmon. Salmon is the life blood of many including a food source to our Wet'suwet'en neighbors in Moricetown and area. These machine embroidered salmon are Todd's original design, he's a very talented and humble guy. He and his wife make Moricetown their home, working in their community. Todd is the chef at Moricetown elementary cafeteria. See his leather work in Good Earth Quilting: Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt Project Part One
 His  training is providing healthy recipes for youngster's and staff. I'm sure that he'll head up the catering services for other events held in the Moricetown Multiplex in Moricetown, BC.

 This female salmon carries with her the ever important eggs, that when the time comes, she will flip her tail, fluffing an area in the bottom of the river where she's lay a profusion of eggs, quickly followed by one of more of the male's spreading of his fertilization fluid over top the eggs and cover them with more gravel. The eggs will live warm and snug over the winter until early spring, when the eggs begin to move and grow into fingerlings.

If you are interested in checking into some of the other art work that Todd has done, please visit here.
His lovely wife, Charrine manages the technology in their home. 


  1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your project , love the salmon.

  3. Thanks ladies, its a pleasure to share. So far, its been an awesome experience. There are so many more to come.

  4. I love Smithers, I also love how your work on representing the people there. It feels very authentic.

  5. That will be a stunning art piece!

  6. I have not so far been up to smithers, but perhaps a weekend drive next summer will be one of the goals of our short trips around our province! The salmon are wonderful and your descriptions and explaination is top notch!

  7. Thank you ladies! Oh my goodness, your comments are welcomed and kind, I have already spend countless hours drafting and redrafting this quilt. I appreciate the support!


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