Not a stitch in sight, whirlwind vacation!

Recently, we took 8 days and traveled south to the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and sunny the whole time. This sweet country of rural Canadians is alive with color in season and cultural diversity. 
These first two photos are what we left behind.

 Sockeye spawning in a creek off Babine Lake. Fall is upon us!

A walk down a country road, the fall colors explode all around me!

Clinton, BC has some lovely historic buildings, perhaps this the first hospital or court building? Sorry, we were on a mission to complete the drive in 14hrs to Abbotsford from Telkwa. I wasn't officially site seeing. But the flavor and feel for the poeple comes through in so much that really describes hard working gentle regular Canadians. 

Then across to Victoria, BC

 Tasteful way to improve a boring brink wall and add to the color of Victoria, BC.

 Fine architectural structures even being a relatively young country, we are established, proud and friendly.

And then our son wanted to take us to his favorite restaurant in Victoria. Pagliacci's is just one such eatery and the fun history on the wall's made it even better!

Of course, I have to always plan ahead and call ahead to be sure they are gluten-free friendly and so nice to hear that several dishes on their menu are or can be made gluten free. What a relief! This is the The Big Easy with spawns, scallops and its hot and served with gluten free noodles. Delicious and makes me want to come back!

Then of course, on a whirlwind visit, we settled into soft drinks in my son's kitchen. 

I've been clearing out my sewing room since returning home and getting organized. Wow, its so much nicer to have some organization!
All the best,



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