Memory Quilt Extraordinaire!

My journey in quilt making is always a joy to do. Sometimes, its challenging when a needle breaks, but all in all its a great way to record a family's history in one or more quilts for snuggling under and remembering that family good times.

It starts with someone reaching out to me.

Its a difficult thing for someone to do. Its brings a flood of memories  back to them. 

Making a memory quilt is not a transaction.

Its honor, repect and gentleness.

I've been usually given the briefest of information about how it should look when finished. Most people are just happy that someone will take care of their loved ones clothing in an artistic way.

Working with clothing is where I started sewing back among the whispering aspens as a child. I lived quite remote, my family took care of farms and we lived at one of those farms for part of my childhood. Remote living isn't for everyone and I excelled at being alone in the woods, fishing with a pole and learning how to embroider as a means of protecting me from grizzly's, my Mom taught  me how to do the Stem Stitch, Daisy Stitch and Back Stitch.

Who knew that I'd find myself well over 60 now and still stitching and embroidering, learning more everyday.

My Mom was a smart British lady who knew that if I continued walking around the woods on my own I'd meet a Grizzly and it wouldn't be a fairytale ending.

So I guess that's where I got my courage to complete quilts from clothing. I was taught to embroider on a silky kind of material Mom had taken from a blouse of hers. And I then thought thats where you found fabric!

Happy Quilting everyone!




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