Improv Map Challenge

Its clear I love a challenge, which is evident in the diverse array of quilts I've made so far. I have trudged on through mud and flowers in my quilts.

But as quickly as this challenge took a great leap in my head, I stitched away with a picture in my mind, but life got in the way of it and now, its gone into a treaded bin! Its not working for me, the flow is gone and so I was wasting a bit of time reading other blogs and I read through Kaja's long post that made me think.

Maybe that is my problem, I'm over thinking this thing. You know we all do that sometimes. And while my spare time for any quilting it hitting an all time low, I am peristant!

Kaja's flow is interesting where she gathers fabric together in color selections that appeal to her. It doesn't mean anything at the beginning she says, but then the muse visits and voila! But her process of restacking, adjusting to make bundles of colors, prints and solids all in one batch that really caught my eye.

Could I do that and begin again on Maps Challenge?

 Of course, this is not high school where the school marm is going to ring up my Mother and complain about Caroline's high strung temper tantrums in class. If I can land a fish 37 lbs from the Bulkley River all by myself, I can start again, and do I did.

This selection of green fabrics represent the treed landscape I live in. The grey prints represent highways. Its a new beginning for me and who knows where this one will go either?

But that is really the fun of it all, isn't it to stumble and get back on trail again!

Please visit this challenge over at 

Grab button for Ad Hoc Improv Quilts

Anyway, off to play with fabric!


  1. I'm stalled on the Map challenge also!

    1. But now, I've got my head in shape with this challenge. Its like cleaning off the cob-webs and finding something shiny underneath! I'm looking forward to seeing your version!

  2. I think my favourite words from your post are 'I can start again and so I did'. Words to live by!

    1. You bet oyou can always start over and here I go again, love your barns!

  3. I think I have been over-thinking this challenge too. I seem to be making it harder than it needs to be. I like your fabric pull, very interesting looking fabrics.

    1. I used to be there, a little lost in this challenge, but as soon as I stuffed the previous start into a drawer and pulled those green fabrics I was off. Thank you for popping into visit!


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