Trails In the Forest-Map Challenge

I am happy to report progress is  happening on several projects. Fall is upon us now, suddenly summer went without so much as a "see ya later" as I lay my head down to sleep one night. The  next day it was fall. I know my hubby will laugh and say "You always say fall is here and its only September!" but my bones know for sure.

I have decided to add my contribution over at AHIQ:Improvisational Quilts to this year's challenge. Map Challenge. You can tell its fall with this awful photo! Dark, grey days of rain is the only outside light and my sewing womb overhead light sucks!

These blocks were just the beginning of my expression of Mind Mapping trails of my childhood.

When I started this challenge, I was thinking memories of my fond days as a child walking and playing in the wild bush of Northern B.C.

Its that time of year when dog pads need to be refreshed, cleaned and repaired. Rusty seems to need a little help with positioning. Her latest quilted pad is two layers of upcycled bedding blankets covered both sides with greyish broadcloth.

I cut apart the previous blocks that we already sewn together for our friends quilt in Telegraph Creek and have machine quilted them. I'm at the tedious part of knotting and threading the seam ends buried deep inside.


  1. I'm not a lover of fall either. I like the colours and some of the weather but it means a return to the dreaded cold and that I can happily live without.

    1. Yes, that is exactly why we moved to Vancouver Island! Its not likely snow of any kind to hit us and if it does, we have snow tires and warm quilts!

  2. It could be worse...we have had snow in Calgary already! Won’t last, but damp, cold, foggy, and ugly! Good time to catch up on quilting and sorting through the extra items left from downsizing. Looking forward to sunny fall days next week. Thanks for your posts. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

    1. Hi Jill in Calgary, BURRRR, I have seen the snow as I have a niece who teaches in Calgary. Downsizing is a chore and one that I'm way more mindful of building again, so I don't buy unless its absolutely necessary. Use what I already have and that is enough!

  3. We're on a similar wavelength with childhood Caroline - this was the first idea I came up with and after pondering on other ideas I went with childhood. It's going to be exciting to see the progress of your quilt.

    1. Oh that is esxciting Maureen! Our childhood is always a place to go back to as you get older. Its a place of the BEST memories and we happily remember the trees!


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