I often get an idea at bedtime. Well, mostly I try hard to tell myself to remember it, but rarely do. I've been practicing getting out of bed and write it down, but then I'd have to disturb my sweetie and that's not a good idea at bedtime.

So basically, I rely on my memory.

But recently a friend texted to ask if I was interested in a bag of fabric scraps. Well, at first I tried not to think about it and her offer to drop it off at my house.

Weeks went by as they do in the COVID19 fog as it is, and she texted again, 'Its at the house, front porch, can you pick it up?'

So my hubby and I took our dog to the park for a good gander around and on the way home, we stopped, my hubby got out and immediately whined it was heavy. And it was.

But you know when see the beautiful silk, raw silk too, linen, viscose and rayon scraps I was in love.
And this little piece came to my mind right away and so I did go ahead and make it and look.

What do you think?

I was only in love with the vibrant red dragon flowers I have in the garden and saw them against a dark background. It made me feel good and that's the best part isn't it?

This is a me, looking tired, in pain after I was lost and Rusty came and found me in the forest. Yes, my specialist says nothing can be done for my left ankle. But we are getting more xrays to determine the correct leg length difference I really do have, so that is a start. MRI is next.

Yes, I admit, there in the all the beauty of the west coast rain forest, my mushrooming had brought me some awesome Chantrelle's and Lobster mushrooms. But suddenly I looked up and nothing looked familiar. But then I called out loudly my hubby's name and waited. Then again, I yelled this time, and nothing. I knew enough about this topic after living in Northern B.C. where if you get lost, you must stay put after you realise you are lost. Running around frantic does deplete your precious energy and you almost always go farther away from safety, so I stayed put.

I sat down and looked around. I was expecting at least to hear traffic on the road occassionally, but didn't. My mind worried about last winter's news report of a woman aged 70 who went hiking and never was found again!

I sat down and continued surveying for mushrooms and then I heard a tinkle of a collar and there was Rusty looking at me with this expectant look to follow her. She didn't come right to me, instead she stood on top of mossy log about 20 ft away and whined to me. I knew she'd take right back to the car. And yes, my hero is my dog!

Rick had not heard my calls but Rusty had. Key thing here, her hearing if better than my hubby's. 🐕

These are lobster mushrooms, after cleaning up the slimey bits etc, mouse nibbles, you know, they look like this and fill the room with a seafood smell when they are cooked, but so delicious. Get to know your mushrooms people. Paul Stamet is an expert. Now a disclosure here, I don't gain anything by sending you to Paul Stamets site and if you are turned off by mushroom supplements, go and search Paul Stamets on You Tube, you will learn a lot!

I am so lucky, that I had brought my stitching along for a few nice minutes of quiet stitching. 

Hope you are staying home and being good this long Canadian weekend.

Wear a mask please.

Happy Stitching,



  1. Wow...adventurous you!!! I am duly impressed but sorry you hurt xo

  2. It's always fun to get a donation of fabric to play with although I must admit I've been trying to discourage people from giving me too much these days. I'm really trying to use up what I have.
    So glad you're okay and that your dog was able to guide you back. Pretty scary!

    1. I don't try to advertise and so glad that my new friends on South Island think enough of me to remember I upcycle. Thanks so much for this insigtful comment. :)


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