My 2020 Christmas Crazy Quilt

 It seemed to make sense earlier this year, when I just gave up on goals for stitching. With working full time, I just don't have time to actually make a deadline, so that went out the window and suddenly I felt a lot better once I knew that the 37 quilts I have in various stages of completion were never getting done it lit a flame under me like no other. 

First up is what is now called 2020 Christmas Crazy Quilt and I'm almost finished a flimsy! Finally these beautiful blocks are put together and a border has begun taking shape. I finished these blocks back in about 2015, but with moving 2016 they were in storage and then we bought our home in Duncan, they also went into a drawer.

So now, we are making progress. I'll have an improved finish as soon as I can, but I'd say before the end of September this flimsy will be a finished quilt for Christmas Decorating.

Happy Stitching everyone! 

Hope your Long weekend in Canada is going well and you are sticking to your bubble of family close to you.



  1. It feels so good to make progress on something that has been waiting so long. This is so bright and cheerful. It will look great for the holiday season.

  2. Congratulations on working on a UFO and getting so close to having it complete. Looking forward to seeing the end result!


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