Crazy Quilt Love Again

My cazy quilting has come to pass by me again, like a muse, the crazies are alwasy present and watching me like a crone would do.

(If you wish to see a closer photo of this work, click on the image)

Have you read anything about crones my friend? I stumbled upon the work of Barbara G. Walker about a decade ago. Women's spirituality is the main thrust of her work and its wonderful to learn more about being a crone yourself.

 A lot of my character is based on giving, improving their lives in some way and encouraging women. I used stitching to help teens become more confident and women to aspire to a different calling via stitching. 

In all the workshops I've taught, I have enjoyed a group of 5 - 7 women, its seems to be a good amount of voices.

I am a women who lives with a man, has raised 2 male children to adulthood and have only a few female friends, but of those few, these women are proud, sensitive, worldly yet a little naive and love nature. Upcycling, gardening, hiking, walking and stitching are the mainstays of these friendships that go back to the 1980's.

My stitching is an partial identity for me.

Its given me strength when things were difficult and lonely. Crazy quilting is similar to a dream where your mind takes where its got a mind to go.

I particularly love crazy quilts made all by hand, I have several in my possession that I've bought or rather rescued from the dumpster. The last one was a daughter who just didn't know anything about the time and effort that goes into a hand made crazy quilt. And so as I leafed through pages of quilting magazines and noticed a plastic bag with some embroidery stitches showing through the flimy plastic. I asked about it and was told that bag was garbage.

Yep, I know rolling your eyes and shaking your head, right.

And just because I can, I've added a few of the crazy quilts that is various stages of crazy quilting.

I say ladies and gents and them, please do get busy on your own crazy quilted piece!

I mean it, suddenly we're home more, with more time on our hands cause we sure aren't shopping downtown for a while, COVID 19 has been a promoter of self reflection time, even though stressful, its making us stop looking at devices and do something hand made.








Have a lovely week.

Happy stitching, keep in touch and follow along.




  1. Lovely to see the roundup of your CQ's....and an interesting discussion too. I'm afraid it appears I've lost some of the CQ mojo recently. I always try to make something useful and for some reason I can't seem to come up with any ideas at the moment. Probably a bit burned out from creating so many projects for the magazine. It's been sold to a new owner and I'm no longer the assistant editor so I will get a break from coming up with ideas - at least for awhile.

    1. I understand losing your mojo. I have taken a break and getting back to it again feels awesome. You'll be less busy and soon good things will come.


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