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Well, I'm sure you have all heard we are in a Global Pandemic and I do present a weakened immune system with asthma during these trying times. 

I am staying home.

I never really liked shopping in the first place. Really, I know it may sound weird but buying produce and goodies at the open air farmer's market is my preferred way of doing things. If I was buyjng fabric, I love that, but really I don't really need to go anywhere.

I am.makinng face masks for my family though. Highly recommend yoh consider making some. Search online for "face mask pattern craft passion"

Thud sunny Sunday was gorgeoys blue skies but a brisk cold wind kept me inside today. And I actually finished my most recent "caring" quilt for a friend of ours who has had his own battle with the flu, he became critical verh sokn, we fearsd the worse and he came back. 

This little quilt began 2018 when I participated with an online Maps Challenge. My thinking took me down trails, then trees and then onto my slash and dash technique in four seasons of birch trees.
I began this Sunday with taping my backing to my extended dining table. I like Tuck Tape for this purpose. Its sticks and doesn't come off when you tighten the backing for batting. I did half of quilt on one taping, then made adjustments to roll the quilt carefully and re-taping, and pinning. This method works but is slightly time consuming because of the adjustment.

To help ease towards a quick completion, I decided a two inch separation straight quilt seam from diagonal to opposite corner. Is this how you may start, tell me your quick machine quilting version?

I have used this black fabric steeo speaker cover for decades. It can hold alot of binding prepared. Its one of my simplifued sewing habits, using scraps for this purpose.

Rusty was certain we were bbqing with the table topper and all. 

She displayed her dissappointment.

Simply fast was how this eventually came together. I will make a label and get it into the mail this week.
Missy was pooped after a busy work day wearing my newly made reflector coat for dogs. Rusty doesn't mind sharing her bed with Missy only!

Stay healthy everyone!!


  1. Staying home and out of the stores suits me just fine too. I've never been a fan of shopping so I'm sure I won't miss it. Your quilt looks great and I'm sure will be welcomed by your friend.


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