Thrifting Your Closet

When I was a wild Bohemian chick living on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, I was dirt poor. I worked, but the cost of living for a 'worker' in a tourist destination was heavy, food costs were even more, housing costs even more and basically, you have to go into the forest to live.

I was leery of dark, wet forests with huge skunk cabbage with razor sharp stems. Mud is a dark chocolate with a squishiness not found anywhere else.

I hiked along Long Beach, now a National Park, found two paralell giant Cedars long embedded into the the sand of the long beach facing the Pacific. I erected and secured a big tarp and settled in. Soon people discovered my little home and helped by using their chainsaw to cut out several flat areas, one became my bed and the other a seating area. Many a good time was had that summer, music, freedom and living off the land, it was a myth, but one I still aspire to today.

What I learned from this way of life, was the everything had a disposal cost. I washed my clothing with some hot water from my firepit and cold water from a nearby creek. I scrubbed my hand and hung on line between two trees. I slept with the crashing waves all the time and if a hungry cougar had wondered by, I would never have known!

All the food I bought had a package and these packages were cleaned and stored until I was in town to dispose of them, but they were still plastic and knowing now what I know about plastic, its a shame it was ever invented.

But to be fair, I lived there only one summer and by the time I left, pink flagging tape had begun to be seen along the roadways and the human strod pathways were turned into concrete steps and pathways and parking lots. The beach had become a National Park. That was the end of beach life for me.

Thrifting along in my life, that Bohemian way of thinking didn't leave me and I turned into a frugal, immovative wife with youngsters raised by homeschooling and now they are productive citizens, working and thrifting themselves.

Today, thrifting is a business to many and even more important than ever to do.

Today, I am still enjoying sewing and thrifting my way in life.

Hoping little wee Bohemian lifestyle was interesting to you. Happy Quilting!


  1. That quilt even has a Bohemian vibe. It must just be a part of you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Not sure I'd be brave enough to live under those circumstances, but it's nice to dream! DH and I rarely wear 'proper store-bought' clothes and far prefer those we can get second hand (only exception being underwear and shoes). This winter we both invested in a couple pairs of flannel and fleece 'sleep' pants and wear those when we're at home to save our 'good' (albeit thrifted!) jeans and pants. Might not be high fashion but comfy and cheap wins every time!

    1. Yes, yes, thrifting saves money and time. Thanks for reading!

  3. In today's world so many people are making do or purchasing used. It has become a business with Goodwill stores, Salvation Army, Value Village and many more smaller places around the country where today's consumers purchase used goods. Hand-me-downs used to be frowned upon but now there are clothing exchange parties for children's attire and grown-ups. There is just too much consumerism.

    1. Delores, thanks for this comment. I agree, altogether there is way too much consumerism. But thankfully, there are still lots of us who are frugal. I haven't bough anything new for fabric since 2016. Cold turkey on the new fabric buying makes a happy quilter!


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