Island Life Projects

I've quietly working away on multiple projects. Some hand work, some machine work and some in between.

Its been a wee bit sad around our home with two friends being ill with similar issues and losing one of them has taken its tole on me.

I get reflective and don't chat much.

I have sewing more clothing for myself. I'm really getting off on it actually!

And our busy girl who goes to work with her Master needed a work gear upgrade which I happily made for her.

Plus springtime is finally happening in the Cowichan Valley. And my shoes with a lift on my left shoe has become the new normal.  I've had to undergo a lot of pain, swelling, repeated injections and I walked with a left a waking cast for nearly 7 months. All in an effort to save the mobility I still have. I have arthritis, asthma and a sciatic nerve that gets pointy and excited really easy.

This new project is scheduled for completion by March 16th. My sweet sister and I are having our annual Girls Get Away. I must present well in my new fashions!!

So this my favorite Jean Jacket getting an overhaul.


  1. So very very sorry for your loss. I’m a horse lover so 💕 the Jean jacket. We have a Cattle Dog but I’m not sure what breed your cutie is. Gorgeous color and markings! Working on t(3 border for a Quilt of Valor eight now. Hoping to be able to finish quilting it by Friday of next week and deliver to local quilt shop as they collect the QOV to deliver. Btw, I do my machine quilting on my domestic machine so really hoping to meet my goal. And have been saving for several weeks as taking a daughter-in-law to a place that only sells batik fabrics. And lots and lots of bolts. She only sews with batiks and we are going this Saturday. Again, so sorry for your loss.

  2. So sorry you are still suffering the effects and having to deal with a shoe lift - and that you have lost a close friend. On the bright side, it's good to be creative and enjoy those lovely crocus!


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