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Well, I picked a super huge bunch of fresh strawberries and wished I had time to quilt today, but that was just not on the list for today. But just had to share a photo of these lovely yummy deliciousness!

Now, when I started getting ready to participate with Adrienne's Finish Along, I was slightly blown away with my progress so far!! Thank you Adrienne for your kind comments and enthusiasm for getting things finished!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

A slight side bar, here, I follow Adriennes blog and when I noticed her little "Finish Along" button, I was thinking "Ya, I can do that! It will help me stay motivated." But little did I realize that this "2015 Finish Along with Adrienne at On the Windy Side" actually had prizes and fun stuff like that going on. Well, I was shocked by that I think deep down, it made me want to show off and finish things for REAL!

This was finished as of April 6, 2015 and it made many people smile a smile a mile wide. I was really tickled to have the lovely Jennifer of do the machine quilting for me.

Then as I mused along my way, I found that I had finished even more, so I think just having Adrienne's button on my own blog helped me more to stay motivated!!

Next up are two t-shirt quilts that Elizabeth had tonnes of patience with me on as these came in the flow at a very challenging time and she loves them both. I understand that the 'Boys' loved them too!

I was really glad to have this fun bag done and finished, it was a great pattern from Noodlehead. thanks Anna!

And then I made real strides with the long awaited finish of the Midnight Over the Oasis pattern by Jen Kingwell Designs.

 If you'd like to read more about my process of how I made this pattern my own, pop over to the post on my funky applique flowers came about and the innovative leaf fabric used. I* made one of trademark borders in Chevron's in this post.

This post is really the best, the final link up.

And then we cannot forget the last finish of May, with this cute little Denim Hourglass Baby Quilt in for Burkley. I made it with the rugged lifestyle his parents live and believed that denim would be touching his Baby Tootie fairly soon.

They loved it!!

And then if you can believe it, my sister sent me a finished photo, but don't seem to have it, but this is the table runner I made for my sister in the process. I mailed it in time for her birthday and didn't get a last photo to share.

This little table runner turned out really nice and it was in the bin for quite a while!!

So these are finished projects of 2015 so far and I'm carrying on to the next quarter list.

Are you going to play with Adrienne and do some finishing? If it helped me get off my duff and make it happen, then you can too sweetie, just do it!

Happy Quilting,



  1. Looks like the Finish Along is a great motivator to get things finished! Not sure what is more fun....starting or finishing! I guess both are fun in their own way. Keep on keeping on because I'm looking forward to seeing more fine finishes!

  2. Congratulations on your finishes, love the midnight at the oasis quilt! Fabulous colours.

  3. Thank you ladies, my determination is based on that apparantly I need deadlines to get motivated. I'm so pleased that my approach to MOTA has been enjoyed.


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