Modern Makeover UFO

I just love the action and creativity that comes when I'm stumped and I just let go.....

Do you ever do your creative process this way. It must come from the deeper side of my quilting, the one of a kind quilts I make for clients.

Remember this quilt, really it was going nowhere fast!! 'Into the garbage' were the thoughts I had several times as I stored, refolded and buried this quilt.

I just didn't like it and that doesn't happen often. But as the desire to finish things became an obsession whilst doing the canning and harvesting of garden produce! Its amazing, it must be the awesome work done by my chiropractor! I'm feeling less pain everyday and this provides new energy.

I simply started by cutting off the four blocks surrounding the hexies.

Then came the next round of cutting, I went crazy cutting over two blocks at a time.
Then I created new fabric in a round about crazy fashion in 5 inch strips.

It was fun starting the modern conversion of this quilt. I think its the colors that threw me off. While I like these colors, they were just a bit tooo much of something for me. I could feel the delicious creative flow beginning when I started to just let go....

Once I the five inch strips were added I new right away that they needed a little more company of cream solid organic cotton from Robert Kaufmann and the mottled green colored fabric so prevalent in this piece are from Daisy Janie Fabrics.

 I used  the 8 extra hst blocks for cornerstone inspiration.

I have decided at that point to move more of the salmon, orange, blue and pink into the mix.

What do you think? 

I read all my comments would love to know what your thoughts are about the Modern Makeover?

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Don't forget, let me know what you think?


  1. My heart just about stopped when I saw that you'd chopped up those blocks. Once I stopped hyperventilating and sat back and really studied what you ended up with, I realized that you'd done the right thing.

  2. It looks like a total different quilt, yet the colors all go together perfectly. Love your modern makeover.

  3. Thank you ladies. I had to laugh about your hyperventilating! I think its coming along and getting better.

  4. Looks like it will be a fabulous makeover! Love your imagination and sense of adventure!

  5. Peg, hello again. Thank you! :) I love to hear what your up to and I'll be spending the winter in Victoria. Should I send in my workshops to your guild?

  6. Wow, adventures in design. Isn't it amazing how inspiration comes and goes. Stuck for a while then watch out for a flood! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a bold move to cut up those blocks and remake the quilt. I think the addition of the colours in the corners will help pull it all together. I'm really interested to see the finished product!

  8. Oh my, my the flood waters of inspiration are fueled by such vivid comments. I love it!


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