Hexie Pathways

I've been preparing to do Karen's Quilt Along on her "Empire" pattern from the blog Fairiesand fibers.blogspot.com

I got ready with some prepared hexie's and off to the cool riverside to stitch.
I made two sets to work on, one using ancient purple from 1990 paired up with scraps from Dr. Suess fabric.
On the second piece I was brave enough to use printer paper and made a larger hexie template for 1.5 in. Hexie. I love the color for the second way better. Black print from the Miscelleny collection from Cloud 9 Fabrics paired with lime green spotted fabric from a series of fat quarters picked up somewhere.

I've purchased some gorgeous fabric from Cottage Quilting in Kelowna.


  1. I love your hexies Carli - the black and lime green works so well. xx

  2. I love hexxies too and am contemplating doing a project (CQ, of course) with them. But - I am also being SOOOO good and sticking to my plan to finish up some other projects first.

  3. What gorgeous work, Carli! Your colour are striking.

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday.

  4. Thanks for linking to my blog tutorials. You did a great job of your stars - they really sparkle. I see you work very meticulously because you trimmed your seam allowances with a ruler and rotary cutter. For me this is far too time consuming - when trimming the excess fabric I just use scissors and eyeball the seam allowance. With this method a generous seam allowance of at least 3/8" is always better than a 1/4" seam allowance.

  5. Thank you ladies for your comments and links, wow, I love making hexies and yes, karen, the rotary cutter is what I've usually used. I think that might be making me slower than needed. Thanks for that Karen Hugs!

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  7. Love the hexies and their vibrant personalities! I'm doing just the regular traditional hexies and will have to look into these ;).


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