Scrappy Dresden!

Do you remember this wild bunch of Scrappy Dresden Blocks?

Recently, I was ready Mary Huey's post on finishing up half done projects. 
She inspired me and this project is on again.
These are all blocks that were quickly picked without any plan what so ever! 
In my mind, I was thinking about getting onto a full sized quilt. 
I dreamed of seeing these Scrappy Dresden blocks in a quilt laying across our kind size bed. Like this king sized Canadian Birds quilt.

If you have yet to play around with Dresden Plate blocks or 1/4 corner fan blocks, then check out this tutorial I did on the method I use to make up all my Dresden plate blocks. 

I do normally hand applique the Dresden plates to their background block. But sometimes, I just want to get it done and move on machine applique which is way faster for me.

This is where I believe that something really mellow colored fabric for sashing between these Dresden blocks is in order.

I find these scrappy blocks to be something wilder than I usually like, but I just love them anyway. We'll see where this one goes.

I'm so busy behind the scenes of forever editing, that I find posts are fewer, but not forgotten. Finishing a book is no small feat!

Take care everyone and I'm linking up today with TNTN


  1. Your blocks look great! You will be so happy to get this project off you list of ufos

    1. Thank you Ariane! I appreciate your visit. Popped over to your blog and so such lovely quilts.

  2. Love these fun blocks Caroline! Christine x

    1. Hi Christine, thank you, its good to start back to this quilt.

  3. A dresden plate quilt is on my list of quilts I'd love to make:) yours is looking so colorful and fun:)

    1. Thank you ES! I totally encourage the making of Dresden Plate quilts. Its very soothing to make these quilts. I have a tutorial here on my blog for using my method.

  4. I love the mix of background fabrics your Dresdens are sitting on. These are very appealing and it will be good to see what you do next.

    1. Kaja, thank you for seeing my eclectic mix as appealing. It was several projects that have come together because I need another king size quilt.

      Sashing is up next.


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