Good Earth Coffee

I was surprised to find this name! But great coffee and muffins! We were out and about.


  1. What a fun find! Don't suppose there's much chance of me ever running into a Magpie's Mumblings coffee shop though, but wouldn't it be amazing if I did.

  2. Hi Mary Anne,
    Thanks, it was a fun find and great coffee too.

  3. Let's do coffee there! I'd love to, of course it's too far away. One day we'll do a big road trip and I'll let you know ahead of time, and we'll meet there.

    1. OMG, that would fabulous. I'd love to meet you and BC isn't on another continent, lets remember that too?
      Thanks for this lovely comment!

  4. What a great shop sign! Glad the coffee and muffins lived up to expectations! Christine x

    1. Good Earth Quilting in the future, when I've become a millionaire. I drink tea just as often as a coffee. But its got to be really good coffee!
      Thanks for this cheery comment!


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