What Goes Around, Comes Around

As you know, I've been working on multiple quilting projects! And this has been going on for years. I've sewn and quilted all the way through raising a family and working full time. 

We, the young couple grew older together. 

Our children became adults and moved into their own lives.

We are doing something that most families don't do, its live together!

Now, this is very funny when I hear about parents talking about their college graduates moving back home and don't leave again. 

That is another whole subject, this is our sons saying "come, move in with us"

When parenting our sons in the early years, we made a commitment to holding each \Sunday evening, a family meeting.  We've returned to what worked for us in the past. Communication is key in this plan and these are the things keeping me busy outside of quilting.

All of my sewing machine type sewing is packed and ready to be moved.

I can only do hand work and that is satisfying at this time, so I still keep my hands busy!

Thank you to all of my loyal readers for sticking with me while on this latest transition!

Blogging time has taken a back seat in so many ways. I just do not have any time to work on major projects because I'm so busy with all the other family projects which are so interesting, but not in a crafty way!

I've barely been able to read the occasional blog of those I've faithfully followed and commented on things you are all doing, please forgive me for just reading and dashing....

Rusty is used to running  beside my car clocking 22 km/per hour down our lovely dead end road, to keep her fit and lean that we've all had to adapt to new ways of getting exercise.

Then, let me tell you about the dental appointments I've become so familiar that the entire dental office staff knows me by my first name!

Only to discover that a root canal done back in 1980 was only half done and now, its become an abscessed tooth, its schedule for extraction new week. 

I've been on antibiotics for this and sinus infection too.

I was sniffling along waiting for the next dental appointment and one morning I work up three weeks ago to have the ceiling spin like a unwinding clock. I've been rocked by vertigo three times before and suffered.

I was instantly depressed! OMG, what next is going to happen!

Three weeks later, I've come full circle and received some excellent maneuvers from Ross Baines of PhyioPlus on Fairfield Rd in Victoria that I must  tell you, its worked!! 

But not before I needed to have two sets of maneuvers, with a series of throwing up, feeling like ^%$# for days sitting upright. Sleeping only on my left side, propped up and not to turn to my right side.

If you have an vertigo symptoms, find a therapist who knows how to do this maneuver really well otherwise, its ineffective and you'll go without knowing this can work to get the crystals in your inner ear back where they are supposed  be.

Maneuver here on youtube.

I little quilt given to a good friend made a couple of years ago. 

This bag was discovered at a modern quilt guild meeting last year and I will find it online.

So this is what is happening with me and thank you for reading the whole story!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Caroline, it's good to hear from you, God bless you in all your adventures! Isn't life funny with all the changes? Flexible is the word. I enjoy hearing from you whenever you get a chance. thanks for sharing.

    1. Janie, thank you for this warm comment!! I feel a little more myself everyday! Vertigo is no fun. Our sons make me smile everyday. I'm so proud of them and all they are working onto build a family dream!

  2. My goodness - you have been busy! What a joy it must be to know that your sons want you to live with them...not a usual thing these days with the 'me, me, all me' generation. So sorry you haven't been feeling the best though - that makes all these changes harder to deal with. Take care of you!

    1. Busy, yes, family is my priority and working together to build a dream is a full time thing. I've managed a tiny garden in soil that is not the best, but lettuce didn't care! My dizziness clears a little more each day. I take my binned up projects and look at them and think about when they can become my priority and so it goes. My hubby is taking me to Butchart Gardens today, lovely gardens. Thank you for your kind and warm words.

  3. This is the way it is supposed to be. I have always thought it is wonderful in other cultures where the adult children look after their parents to be sure they are comfortable. So many times we need assistance but don't want to bother my daughter or the grands because they all seem to be so busy all the time. I'm sure this will be a good move for you. Glad you got help with the vertigo.
    xx, Carol

    1. Carol, our sons constantly inspire and warm our hearts. They shared this plan a few years ago and we've been cautiously trying out the idea while in a RV over winter. RVing this way is too small and cramped, not our thing for long. Stitching has been all done by hand and I'm loving it.Thank you for your support!

  4. I admire you and your husband for taking this big step. You raised wonderful boys who are embracing having you around daily in their adult lives. With my eldest sons only 21 now, I can only imagine how things will turn out as they grow. Best of luck to you and keep on quilting!

    1. HI Fatcat,
      Thanks for commenting!One never knows what will happen when your children grow up. \We've always been tight as a family and this just makes sense. I'll for sure keep on quilting.

  5. How wonderful that your lovely boys want you to live with them: you must be so proud of the young men you raised. Good luck with the transition; I'm sure things will eventually find a new rhythm and you'll be quilting and blogging again.

    1. Its really been a bit of a surprise!! We are blessed with a lovely family and we are working hard to roll with the transitions we're in right know. My book had to just be put into one bin, waiting just like all my other projects, but soon hopefully, it will end I can open and put things into their new home.


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