Clever Embroidery #1 Series- Wendy Welch

This new hand embroidery series is all about profiling skilled talent of embroidery artists all over the world.

This first post is profiling the hand embroidery, using cross stitch of Wendy Welch's hand made art of New Zealand.

Wendy started this project in January and has now finished this awesome Haunted House all by hand. 

Isn't this collection dreamy??

Hello I'm Wendy Welch and I love hand embroidery!

       I think I started before I was 10 years old with wool on plastic canvas.

  My mum taught me embroidery, knitting, crotchet and cross stitch. She is very talented and studied embroidery at high school.

     I take classes at Nancy's Stitch Studio in Wellington, New Zealand. They run a full programme of needlework classes each year and I've had the pleasure of learning from some very experienced teachers there. 

 I follow Kathy Andrew's blog -  She is studying at the Royal School of Needlework in UK and posts about her class work.

         I don't sell my work. It's just for my own and my family's enjoyment.

5.     I love colour, and intricate details. I would rather spend months on one special piece than make six smaller pieces. I see many wonderful things on the internet, but know I can't possibly make everything I admire.

Instagram: @wendysquiltsandmore

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Thank you Wendy for sharing your inspiration and projects. All your beautiful cross stitching makes me want to start one.

Submit your Work to this new series on hand embroidery!

Are you an embroidery artist or just love to make your own projects just like Wendy, please submit your answers to the following questions.

I'd be thrilled to know more of you out there who actively do hand embroidery. So go ahead and don't be shy.

What age were you when you began hand embroidery stitching?
What teaching did you have when you started?  
Have you taken any classes, if so, where and who would you recommend as an online teacher of embroidery? 
Do you sell your work or is it just for your own enjoyment?
Please tell us what starts you onto a new project, what inspires you? 
Please don’t forget to tell us your blog address, shop address and other related links like facebook or twitter, so followers can find you?

And please submit no more than 5 photos of your work and one photo of you!


  1. This sounds like a really fun series - it was nice to 'meet' Wendy and have a peek at her beautiful work.

    1. Thank you for leaving this comment. Wendy will be so pleased.

  2. Thank you Caroline for profiling my embroidery. It's a real honor to be the very first person in your series. I hope to "meet" lots of other embroiderers through this series in future months.

  3. Wendy, thank you so much. I'm glad you agreed, your work is so beautiful. Its all made me rethink cross stitch.

  4. Wendy's work is exquisite. I'm looking forward to seeing other embroiderers that you profile. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Jo, nice to hear from you. Are you still involved with quilt show & IPM?


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