My Finished Quilts for 2012

This one is my gifted to Nathan Cullen, our Skeena Riding Member of Parliament. Its called "Oh, Canada"
This one is my camper quilt just for me. Hubby is way too warm for anything more than a blanket, so I needed my own camper quilt.

This one is my big project that actually come to completion in 2012. Below is the fully finished king size quilt.

This one started out as a round robin and then I completed it to gift to my friend Barb.

This lovely table runner was donation to the Bulkley Tweedsmuir WI 2012 Spring Conference.
This one above is my protest quilt that I displayed at the Pipeline Art Display in Smithers, earlier this year.
Victoria's Quilt, made with t-shirts, modern pieced back.
My jewelry quilt that has now lots of earrings on it and has proven to be a great way to display and see the jewelry I have instead of digging around in my boxes.
So I was feeling like I hadn't really accomplished much, but I actually did.
All the best,


  1. You sure did Carli. They are spectacular!

  2. Hello, Carli! Did you get my answer? I`m very glad to see you on my blog! You know,I`m here recently and don't know all buttons, but button Translation works! When I push on it pops up a list of all languages. Try again, please!
    I love this block "track drunks". So we call this block. I love your color. exactly to overcome tough times! Well done!

  3. They're all so beautiful! Love your king size quilt!


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