2012-Crazy Quilts-Fine Scraps Giveaway! Revised

"I've got it, Carli, put crazy quilted center piece into these bags!" my friend Nola is a recent crazy quilt addict and typical of most who discover the joy of crazy quilting. This is the bag she was referring to, that I placed an orphan Dresden plate block in the center area of the bag! 

We become addicted!

 As I started to get organized for this posting, I started checking all my little  parcels of UFO's that I am constantly working on throughout years sometimes. The photos are all the various bits and pieces of various crazy quilting blocks and projects that have been started, worked on and still yet incomplete!

 I take heart that all will eventually be complete and this post will document my process and progress.

 Some experimentation by incorporating recycled denim in this one, yet a full concept of my discovery.

This is my progress on a green quilt for a family request. 

What follows are the close up progress on my "Tropical Dream"

This little quilt is my exploration of applying finished crazy quilt block to a hard purchased canvas in preparation of framing it.

So these are my 2012 UFO's in my crazy quilting. What kinds of crazy quilts do you have on the go? If you want to participate in this giveaway,  you'll need to make your own post on your blog about your crazy quilts, finished or in progress. This posting with links to this contest will be worth 1 entry, 2nd entry is to link up with my Facebook page- Good Earth Quilting.  So don't wait, I'm giving away several years of exquisite satin, velvet, cotton, rayon and vintage fabric bag weighing 1 kg in a rainbow of colors! Come on, just a little posting on your crazy quilting experience.

This year  has been a very surreal experience to work on the centennial quilt. When I offered to make the quilt, I was unemployed from a 'real job' and then suddenly I was working full time. So my life was turned upside down and the centennial quilt has taken on a life of its own. 

Merry Christmas my quilting and blogging friends! See you in the New Year 2013.


This giveaway ends on Jan 30th, 2013

What are you waiting for, leave me a little commment and spread the love around!

I have added some nice lacey things, fine embroidery threads, a few mysterious silky fabrics that women love to this bundle! And I'm going to include a book on embroidery stitches that I so love and simply have outgrown it. Buts its truly a joy to have if you are just getting started.


  1. Carli your work is so beautiful and inspiring I am sure that in 2013 you will accomplish many of your goals

  2. yep you got it carli they look great

  3. Hi, Caroline: Wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. Happy 2013!

  4. Hello Caroline I wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog too. Someone as talented as you noticing my progress is a wonderful boost to my quilting aspirations. Here to 2013 and by the way I will add crazy quilting to my list of goals they all look beautiful.

  5. Umm... pardon while I mop up my drool of envy, love the crazy blocks!!!! I don't have anything overly crazy going on at the moment, I have 6 or 7 different projects that I've just begun all the same time, does that qualify?! :D

  6. OK ladies, the drum roll is happening, I've written all your names on a piece of paper and into the hat they went. My hubby was the designated picker~ and he picked Raewyn!

    Yeh, I'll be contacted Raewyn via her blog to post a comment telling her she won! Sorry for being a tad late on getting this done, thanks for all your support.

  7. Hello Caroline Wahoo I'm so excited! I've been away on holidays and this is a lovely surprise to come home to. Thank you so much.


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