A little Crazy Christmas Show

Sometimes I just get so excited by working with my hands, needle in hand, stitches patiently settling into their new home on my crazy quilt. I do use a machine occasionnally if I'm in big rush and the item is going to be washed numerous times. But the machine stitches doesn't give you the same feeling of meditation. The stitches slowly and proudly taking their place in my art.

Recently, I found a beautiful crazy quilted piece on a Quilting Fiesta, where the work was so lovely, I asked if I could use her photo in one of my posts and this is the post. But first, lets take a snowy walk to my house and see the various crazy quilted pieces made and sold over the years. Such as this one above. Its now in a private collection here in the Northwest. Most of the lovely satin and brocade fabrics are straight from elegant clothing.  Beads, thread, wool and buttons adorn this piece, even my first attempt at 'rauching' I think its spelt like this. The little biege flower piece on the left hand bottom side of this piece.

This wall quilt " My Secret Garden" was first started as an entry in the CQA's Fat Quarter Challenge 2005 I think. Of course, it was not complete in time to enter it and now its part of my own selection of crazy quilts that I use for show and tell at my workshops.
Our proud Maple Leaf celebrates Canada's history on the flag quilt I made.

This quilt was given to Nathan Cullen, our Skeena MP and its now in his office in Ottawa.
Then, I did a share project where my friend Joanne, needed a little help remembering the variety of stitch combinations I use. I taught Joanne and then she gave me this as thanks, then I got busy with stitches all over it. I gifted it back to Joanne. Lovely little project!
As I said, this is a quilt show and it wouldn't be complete without "My Beach House"
This quilt won first prize for "Most Innovative" at the Ontario, Canada International Plowing Match and Quilt Show in 2004.
Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. I had to come over and see your Beach House piece. I wish I could see it in person!


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