Monday, December 24, 2012

Smithers Centennial Update-Terri's Golden Script

The Centennial Quilt Project has taken a hiatus for a few weeks before heading down the steep slope to completion of the quilt. A few weeks ago I asked a good friend of mine, Terri of Bulkley Cleaners is she could help me with this challenge for the quilt. She was tasked with coming up with this on a moments notice and under a deadline as well.

She exceeded my expectations!

For sure, the notion of community spirit is never more truthful when taking on a big project. Community spirit for the Smithers 2013 year of celebration is high and many projects are going on through out the year. 

Terri's unique professional embroidery machines are top of the line and created the following words for the quilt.

These letters are about 2-3 inches in the tallest letters.

The letters that will grace this auspicious quilt will not appear to be so 'large' when their final position is found in the finished quilt. In the corner, you'll see the Glenwood Women's Institute photo of their Glenwood Hall in Driftwood.

We were recently gifted a copy of the revised version of 'Smithers - A Railroad Town" by Harry Kruisselbrink. I'm enjoying the revised version much better than the original version. Thank you to Harry and the Bulkley Valley Museum for your support to correct the story to include the very important Wet'suwe'ten people and how they were living before contact.

Todd's Salmon are his original design, a cook, carpenter, husband and father, a gifted artist that we'll see more from in the future.

All the best,


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