Online Thread Painting Workshop { FAQ } Registration starts today!

Students have to begin somewhere :) This vibrant sun is the start of a cute little make up bag.

Registration for this online workshop opens today!

I am thrilled to see the interest in this workshop. I received several emails asking for more information and realized that I had been tardy in a set of FAQ for you.

Q: How do I get into the online workshop?

A: Today, September 27th, registration opens for this class. Email me carli the quilter (at) gmail (dot) com with all your contact information. I'll email you back with a welcoming letter to the workshop with a supply list and my home mailing address in Canada. I'll forward your invitation link to our private classroom when I receive your payment. Send payment via express post if you live outside of British Columbia, Canada.

(I don't have a payment site and I feel at this time, its kind of experimental doing online workshops, so just mailing me a money order is best. If this proves to be successful, I'll arrange online payment at that time.)

The first project instructions will be posted on our private classroom beginning Oct 21. Read on for all the details for this brand new workshop where we'll explore thread painting with your own sewing machine and breaking some rules usually found in the world of quilting.

Q: What does it cost?

A: I have structured this online workshop using the same tools I use when working as an adult instructor, teaching in person. This means you'll get a course outline, supply list, daily feedback to your questions, opportunity to post your progress to the other online classmates and myself, ideas you might want to explore while working through my structured class and access for one year to our private online classroom. $45 per person.

Q: What does this class include? 

A: I design 99% of everything I make, so you know its original work. And when I have learned something from a book or a blog, I give you my links of learning. I teach you how to use my unique techniques of painting with threads, using threads that you already have or can purchase at any regular fabric store. I don't use paint, fancy items not commonly found and I am a practical, gentle teacher. I've been there and done it.   All of the work on projects is done on a regular sewing machine. I will show you in step by step how to achieve your own self portrait. These techniques are not reserved to just one project. You'll be able to transfer your learning to portraits of your family or pets. I will show you my way of Thread Painting. And best of all, you don't have to go anywhere, spend money on gas or accommodation, just hang out in your sewing room and have fun :)

You'll work on two warm up projects: a make up bag with zipper and a fun little kitchen wall hanging and then onto your self portrait. This portrait doesn't have to be yourself, you could decide to make your pet or another person, its up to you who is the focus of your major project.

Q: What skill level is this class for?

A: This is not for the beginner quilter, but neither is it a class that requires you be a full blown experienced quilter. If you have some experience using a sewing machine and understand the principles of quilting, you'll be fine. Its designed for those with a sense of discovery and willingness to try new things.

Q: Will I be able to keep up with the class considering vacations and events in my life?

A: This is really up to you, its fun to participate with other classmates by making comments and asking questions in a classroom setting, even if its online. I will be posting the steps in advance so you will see in advance what we are working on, so you can decide. I am not going to be upset if I don't see comments from you. Everyone has there own way of learning and some of us just get on with it quietly and others are more chatty, so don't worry, you are in good company. You will have a year to access the workshop in its entirety if your life gets crazy with stuff going on. 

So there you have it, I'd love to work with you! Register today by sending me an email at carli the quilter (at ) gmail (dot ) com

I'll post more photos in the days just before the class starts.

See you soon!



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