Cultural Fusion Quilts Book Review

Its a great pleasure to let you in on a little secret. Psst, Sujata Shah has written this awesome quilt book and I own it. It was a long awaited Christmas present and I've read it cover to cover. I totally recommend it and here is why.

  • I love fusions of any kind. I rejoice in mixed marriages, gender equality and colorfully putting your face out there. Sujata's book delivers the mixing of colors ideology perfectly while you are gently encouraged to be yourself and explore her techniques.

    • Sujata's style is freedom expressed in fabric, unpretentious and honest.

    Sujata's Crazy Quilt is so fun, it just explodes across the page like fireworks!

    This was the ultimate reason for purchasing the book in the first place. I had seen something somewhere on her blog or elsewhere of this Crazy Quilt.

    I was hooked, line and sinker, I knew that if she could do this, then I had to get to know her even more. Its my dream to meet Sujata in person, God willing, it will happen, even if its the last thing I do.

    I can see my own art is moving toward modern quilting and its most certainly going to take over the quilting world with a gentle heart, but loads of stamina!

    I welcome the challenge to keep up with the growth of modern quilting or loose quietly. But I'm motivated! So look for more quilts by me from this awesome book.

    I made this block from her Rail Fence pattern.

    Now getting back to my review of the book. 

    1. I loved Sujata's story of  her life and how she came to be in North America.
    2. Her directions are clear and direct.
    3. I made one block from the Rail Fence design on pg. 24 and it came out as indicated it should a 16 x 16 in. block. ( I didn't do any fussy this or that to make it that way )
    4. I used my own tools, I like it that you don't need to buy a bunch of more quilting tools to make something from the new book
    5. Cultural Fusion is a winner in my opinion because its got 15 Free Form patterns inside the covers of this book. These patterns are so diverse from each other that I know I will make more than one quilt from this book, so for my budget is happy with that.
    Plus, I'm not paid to say to any of this! :)

    Congratulations Sujata on a great book and I wish bestseller status for you!

    Happy Quilting!



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