Back To School Lesson 2 Progress

I've made some good progress stitching through Suzuko Koseki's book "Playful Patchwork." I'm really feeling a change in myself while working through hand piecing of 'set in seams' and finding I return to her pages for greater clarification of how its done.

Very fine stitching for sure. I'm not sure any of my stitching is that fine as two meet the 1/8th stitch length on both sides of the work.

 Moving houses isn't a fun event, is it really?

I lost my camera for a whole 8 weeks! I had unpacked everything while in pain. This is never a good plan. I completely forgot where it was. That is what pain does to a perfectly good mind.

We are impressed with our realtor Jesse Butler.

Many special thanks to my husband and sons who made the days and weeks of agony somewhat livable as they made me food and brought me pain killers.

My 365 Circle, came to a halt. My family needed me and I needed to get my home in order again. My sewing room came together quite quickly, but I gave it no attention what so ever. Its good to look back on current work.

I did work hand stitching in the wee hours of down time in our lives. Many of you have your own versions of family's needing each other. You help and support each other.

I have had a few moments to gad about to visit some of my favorite blogs, but not the only blogs I follow are listed below.

I love to watch and follow Lin's progress at blog from Europe.

I spent some time using my phone for finding fun pins for my board "Crazy Quilts from the World" while waiting for paint to dry. Please do follow me on Pinterest.

Our gorgeous riverside had camp fires because it rained every other day this past June/July in the Bulkley Valley. There was little concern of forest fires.

I'll get back to my thread painting and have really been enjoying the beautiful work of Monika of

I reconnected with the friend of mine who purchased My Purple Crazy and photographed the whole quilt stitching in detail this summer.

Take care and good luck!


  1. I would be in such a panic if I lost my camera for that long! So glad that you're feeling better and are getting somewhat settled. And thank you for the link to your pinterest crazy board - I just followed so I can peek at the goodies you find.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      So glad to see you like Pinterest!! I have a very popular board called Crazy Quilts of the World. Its what kept me sane while under the weather of pain, but getting better everyday. Thanks for your continued support!!!

  2. i am right there with you as we have recently relocated to campbell river as of august 3....i know where my camera is but can't find my computer mouse...i think it is in a box in the crawl space..

    1. Hi Sherry,

      Really, we're both on the island!! I would love to meet up sometime. We intend to buy in your area next year. It was very stressful to not have my camera as we have three homes converging into one and many boxes are going to the huge garage sale upcoming.
      Thanks for this lively comment! Take care and get enough rest when trying to get organized again.


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