Heart Crazy Quilt Finish

I just love crazy quilts.

This 32 1/2 in square quilt is one that again, I worked on over years.😊😊

I believe I started the centerpiece Heart back in 2006 while recovering from total knee replacement. The hand embroidery was a fun activity in between all the exercises in recovery. 

I did Feather stitch across all the seams on the heart shape. Then I was stuck with what to do for the continuing project. 

You know how that goes. But as time went on, I discovered the beautiful rust colored satin in a vintage thrift store and I knew the next stage immediately.

On this Heart Crazy quilt, I actually combined braid piecing in the heart, not crazy at all, but then the stitiching helps to pull all that into focus. You'd hardly notice the variance if I hadn't brought it up. Nevertheless, its taken to a new home with gusto.

As always I love the autumn colors and so does my sister who this quilt was made for and delivered to her recently, therefore I can share the full story.

I didn't center the centerpiece, I placed it off center for even more drama and quickiness!

Sister we are and so much love and respect has gone into this quilt. Her vibrant, take no BS kind of achievement in her business made this quilt even more special to make.

On this quilt, as with many of my crazy quilts, they begin with love.

I was looking for a spot to include Sujata Shah's piecing from her book Cultural Fusion Quilts.

Art is the presence in my life that is one of great joy.

The sunshine was beautiful last week in Victoria where my sister and I had a wonderful time.

Hoping you all are having a great start to the week!


  1. Such a great finish Caroline! And you are so right that crazy quilts so often start (and finish!) with love.

  2. Thanks Mary Anne. Its a quilt that was hanging around waiting for the right time to finish it.


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