Merry Christmas!

I've just spent some quiet time this Christmas Eve morning reading posts from all sorts of blogger's that I follow. When I look back on this 2014, I declare that it was a year of hits and misses. I am very excited to have found many interesting and lovely people who crazy quilt. 

I am sorry that I simply lost track of my own hosted Crazy Quilt Along 2014, but hope to do another one in the future. And I know many crazy quilters follow my blog and would heartily join up again. 

I did intend this one to be finished with scrappy dresden plates happily playing alongside daisies and it still awaits my ability to work on them.

I love this photo of carved faces in cottonwood trees I found along the trails of Riverside Park in Terrace, B.C. I enjoy traveling in our truck and camper.

 And then the numerous crazy quilted projects await me too. My life has taken a turn of reflection and has slowed down. There is no other alternative when sciatic nerve pain hits. You are a done turkey at that point. 

I must have an quarterly epidural to control the flashing of sciatic pain down both legs. But I know that if I stop and wait, let it settle down I'm good to go again in a few days. 
If you knew me personally, I had much to challenge me. I've rejoiced in my own ability to tolerate change, evolve and step out into a new light. Hope is with me all the time and the numerous blogs that I read are inspiring to me.

I look forward to doing more camping with my sweetie, visit our son in Edmonton. Catch more fish and enjoy life in a slower sense.

I'm so fortunate to have a man in my life who loves me no matter what. He has made fishing easier for me. He does the bulk work that I cannot do and he encourages me to keep quilting.

In each year my little quilting habit finds its way welcomed into First Nations communities where the vibrant smiling women share their skills as I share mine. We laugh and share friendships that grow each year.

Crazy quilting is going to always be a part of my life as I let go of other less important things in my life. We all must make choices and going to the pool, improving my ability to walk in warmer, non iced winter trails is a joy!

Like the pretty embroidery along this seam, I can walk more in the winter months if I live in the South Island.
Another move is in our future.

The pattern Midnight Over The Oasis is on my list for completion in the new year.

And so friends I've never met, you are important to me as I share my life's struggles and my joys in quilting. I still take commissions for quilts. I will continue to enter my work into competitions. I continue.

 I have love, family and not bad health as I learn to live a different way for my body.  Thank you for reading my blog posts and commenting on anything you like in my blog. 

I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Christmas. May you all have love.


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