Sunny Seaside Sunset

A classic sunny day on the shores of Vancouver Island came knocking on our door. The fresh coffee in traveling cup and away we went.


From Victoria (on the map above), to the Port Renfrew, we wove our way along the seaside. It was quite a relaxing time as we drove along checking out new country. My thoughts were of my friend Nola, whose rugged independence as a Northern woman had somehow missed this beautiful part of B.C. and so I dedicate this post to you Nola, my quilty friend!

The trail that winds around huge tall cedar trees is a well worn but rugged path. You really must keep your eyes on the path as it changes from step to step. If you visit Jordon River Regional Park, you'll find a lovely west coast trail that took me back 30 years to my youth. Nola, remember hippie's and the Clayquot Sound Protests? I do as I watched and learned about the devastation of forests so precious they are as important as the trees of the Amazon who are constantly 24/7 cleaning our air.

The west coast landscape speaks loudly to remind you of the world's fragile state. Yes, hold on now, I'm just saying!

 Steps or stairs are not something I can take fast like I used to be able to do. 

I counted 74 steps in stable ground around the roots of trees that sprouted probably 600 years ago minimum. They mesmerized my brain and spoke gentle words of encouragement at each of my steps. They have seen thousands upon millions of people and wildlife step, bounce and slide over their huge roots. Then you step up one more time and you see this!

Imagine yourself popping into the dozens of thrift stores, seeing Used Furniture stores on almost every block. Plus, as you go along you can pop into Tim's and pick up your favorite coffee and donut and go to all those places you love to nose around in? Nola, if you actually came here to see scenes like these you'd question why you don't live here? Its that beautiful.

As you wind your way along this highway that is pretty busy until you get past Sooke. You'll see some interesting outback properties that boast several used trucks and junk decor. Amazing million dollar summer homes that get some weekend use are pleasantly dotted along the sunny seaside. Parking areas are great for catching a few zee's while your partner para-sails the waves.

We stopped and took interesting walks into numerous trails, this one with a light touch of frost was very Christmasy for the south island.

Eventually, are weaving lead us to Port Renfrew, B.C. and this quaint little coastal village is very homey and organic.  I love this next photo for that reason.

As the hours of daylight began fading we got one more walk alongside the driftwood strewn beach of  Port Renfrew. Rusty totally thrilled to be visiting new places with more squerrials to chase, could life be any better?

Then after a quick cutting session with Rick as we gathered salal branches and cedar boughs for Christmas wreaths. We noticed that somewhere soon we'd see some awesome sunsets from this little moving photo as we sped to open beaches dozens of miles away.

And there it was just as the car rounded a corner into Jordon River the community, we saw this magnificence. Enjoy!

Its almost just like I had painted this scene with brush strokes across fabric? Any waivers on how soon the sunset becomes a quilt?

Happy Quilting Nola, hope you enjoyed a look at a tiny part of Vancouver Island. 



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