Stitching from My Heart 2016

This holiday season has brought thoughts of New Year Resolutions. My bleak stitching time has begun the seedling roots of resolving my wish to stretch my heart in stitches.

Stretching my heart in textile expressions of my fears, my hopes and my suggestions on ways to help myself make the changes I can to reduce my use of a car.

Every winter I read the Jean Auel series starting with Clan of the Cave Bear. I've begun crocheting an original shrug pattern. I'm just playing around.

The great thing about a New Year is the ability to start over, to try new things and to reach out to new groups of community.

I want to meet more First Nations women in the art world and starting with a new retreat in January.

I want to make at least one Amish Quilt and I love this one made by Mary Marcotte of Fluer de lis Quilts.

I love a little box given to me by my friend Nola! This one in the photo above was made by a blogger buddy Rhianon Taylor over at Nifty Quilts. I want to make more fabric boxes this year of 2016.

I really want to get started into using my metallic threads purchased locally.

I try to grow a garden each year and 2015 was no different. I managed to keep the weeds done and the plants and veggies were stupendous this year and I wish for the same ample harvest in 2016.

 And I am writing up more on developing a large community quilt such as the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt. The photo below is an example of just one layout that was tried out and you can see, this layout was cut.

Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt about two months from delivery.

Happy Quilting and Happy New Year!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful year you have ahead of you! I just hope I can get a new quilt made for my bed, and that'll be enough for me to accomplish.

    1. Peg, Happy New Year! My career is in stitches. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  2. You have some wonderful goals in mind and I'm sure you will accomplish them all. I read a number of the Jean Auel books but didn't finish the series. It's on my to-do list. Right now I'm re-reading the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series. It's another that I didn't end up finishing so I've started over at the beginning.

    1. Happy New Year! I love the Earth Children series. Its great to hear you like series as well.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks for sharing photos of your garden and projects.

    1. Happy New Year to you Janie and your family. I love to grow food, eat my own grown good and want to expand this more as I can.


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