Modern Makeover Finish!

Hello, folks!

 I'm really happy to have this little quilt all finished up and I delivered it yesterday to my friend Myrtle.

As you all know by now, that this quilt was an issue of what to do with it from when I decided it just wasn't' working for me. 

I'm not wasteful and enjoy the challenge of taking risks in my designs. i believe that if you just hate the finished quilt, it can always become an awesome doggie quilt!
I took a risk to cut the small quilt top apart and start fresh like

It seemed to take on a new life, one that was guided by another hand. I meditated on this risk and adopted the motto from WW 2 "Stay Calm and Carry On"
I was feeling pretty happy the day I took these photos at one of our local United Churches. This lovely little church has so much local history and it resides at the end of St. John the Devine Church on Quick West Rd in Telkwa.

When hand quilting began, I was some what overwhelmed for a few days as the expanse of cream in this quilt was like an ocean to cross. But I stuck with it, decided that it would take the length of time it would take and that was that.

The various comments sent by participants to the Celebrate Hand Quilting page on Facebook really took me by surprise as people hadn't seen much of hand quilting before. Its not big stitch or new, its just the way I do hand quilting.

You decide, is this different from other hand quilting you've seen?

  I mean really, its just the way that I fill in a large area of space and this little Modern Makeover had a bunch of it.

Sorry about the cieling lamp, but I was still sewing on the binding the day before delivering it to Myrtle. Its her September Birthday Present, so its wee bit late!

Quilt Stats:

57 by 48 inches
Organic Solid Cream fabric from Robert Kaufmann
Scraps and several Nickle sets from Daisy Jainie
Hand quilted with YLI thread
Machine quilted with the same YLI thread
FMQ in Feathers done around outside border and minimal in the stitch on darker areas.

Thanks for reading my blog! Its wonderful to hear what people think from all over the world.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Great finish, congratulations, hand quilting is always a hit.

    1. Thanks Janie, I'm working on Improv start today, some very fun ideas are coming into an end.

  2. Oh wow! This quilt is fabulous! I've already pinned it to my "heart, quilts" board so I can find it again. (but will remove it if you prefer) I'm very into modern and this one is perfect because it incorporates modern design and those sweet hexie flowers. Really, brilliant!

    1. Yes, pinning is fine with me, what an honour, Thank you so much for your kind and heartfelt comment!!

  3. What a beautiful quilt Caroline! I am sure your friend Myrtle was delighted with it! The hand quilting is fabulous! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

    1. Myrtle is so happy, she displays all around her home. I'm so glad to have learned a little bit more about reinventing, slashing a top and redoing it, mixing machine quilting and hand quilting, the list goes on!!!!

      Thanks Christine for this lovely comment, have a great week- end.

  4. Great finish and a great way to rework something you didn't like. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Kaja! I'm glad its over, but I've learned so much from re-making this quilt!!

  5. Oh wow Caroline,
    what a finish. So much handquilting, this is stippling at it's best.

    1. Wow, "stippling at its best" thank you so much, I love hand quilting and I guess it shows! Now, I'm going to get started on Garden of the King pattern. Hugs!


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