Linky Tuesday- Modern Pipeline Quilt Art

Hello followers and those who pop in to visit my blog. Welcome to my blog, Blended Fabric Quilts. I'm a passionate, addicted to quilting artist living in Northwestern BC, Canada.

I'm really happy to link up with Quilting on the River's blog and hope to do more. My time is stretched and if you blog and work and have a life, you'll know its not always easy. But this is how I keep my postings up to date and easy to fit into my life. I'm not a blog professional or anything, but I try to keep things simple and these work for me. I hope they help you too!

Writing Blog Content Tips

1. I prepare my postings in advance, save the content on word, set up the proper photos in an electronic file and then its easy to pop online, load up my content and away we go. I can't load up the whole document to my blog email and then leave it. My satellite internet will time out and then I'm hooped.

2. I have fallen hard for modern quilt art. I admit it, since I've discovered the wonderful world of modern quilts, I've not looked back and I must admit, I'm so distracted by "modern" quilting my older  unfinished quilting projects are having to scream really loud to get my attention. But enough of this gabbing and onto the photos which are so important to a good blog post. Great photos!

I thought I'd show you my artistic view of myself. I am by nature a curious and carefree artist. I once made my living painting oil paintings on Stanley Park walkway in Vancouver B.C. I was pretty broke, in my early 20's traveling at the time and stayed for awhile in a youth hostel, I made enough money to move on.

This is me, today, this self taken photo is in my studio and I used to play with the image and I found I really like the cartoonistic approach.

But as the day slips away and the sun  has warmed my garden, the robins are chirping and I'm eager to get out in the garden again. So I thought you'd find this photo interesting. This is the end result of my labor and fresh air in the garden.

So this is some of what I'm working on, its going to be a new piece for an upcoming public exhibition in Smithers, BC on June 2 at the local  high school. The exhibition is called Pipeline Art, in response to our grave concern for an bitumen pipeline going the the very heart of our local wilderness. 
The artist organizing it is my good friend Perry Rath, who is a well known and international artist, who is also our high school art teacher. You can check out his site here.

Perry is also one of the artist preparing an art block for the Smithers Centennial 2013 Quilt Project, which I'm heading up.  I don't have the whole content written yet, but its getting done and will soon have its own page right  here on my blog.

This sort of where I started and it grew!

I'd been playing around with the vintage wedding ring pieced parts for sometime, pinning them  here and there and suddenly they took to the piece and found a home. I love combining old, new, found and frugal into any piece I make.

The wording I have in mind will go into the light blue open horizontal strips.

I've begun the hand applique parts that are speaking to me. The first applied is the light blue waves with just the start of embellishment under the crest of the wave.

This bring my Tuesday Linky Party to a close, I hope you like what I'm working on and will follow me too! Have a great day, stay tuned for the finished version of this quilt.

All the best,



  1. Great tip Carli! I usually save mine in Notepad if I'm on the ball.......most of the time I am typing a post and trying to get it posted right away. Love your self portrait, did you do it in Photoshop? Love to play with that program. Thanks for sharing!
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

    1. I too try and sometimes it gets hairy if I've forgotten that I did prepare. Heck, its all good anyway. Thanks for the kind words on my self portrait, its done with lots of fun and lots of free tools.

  2. That's a very interesting quilt piece. I like the way it grew! Your cartoon photograph of yourself is really interesrting, too. It's an interesting direction to take your art.

  3. Thanks cq4fun! I did the changes to the self portrait with where lots of tools exist for free to play with, check it out. Yes, my pipeline art is going to totally new places for me, I'm along for the ride.

  4. Enjoyed reading through your blog especially about your crazy quilting!

    1. Thank you Debra, that is a compliment! I have begun following your blog, lovely work of the few quick reads I did tonight. I'll grab sometime around lunch tomorrow and visit some more.
      Great project on crazy quilting!!


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