My Blog Update for Readers

I know that many of the blogs I follow have over 123,000 views but its a start!

Wow, I  just realized my blog has reached a new peak of over 10,000 views!

 And I wondered when I started this blog in Jan of 2011 would anyone want to read what I posted?

If you are thinking about blogging, here are some tips for good content and making your blog grow.
  • Don't wait, start reading other blogs that interest you.
  • Start one with Typepad, Wordpress or Blogger, I'm using all the tools out there for free.
  •  Don't waste your readers time with blather! Write good content that is interesting and timely. Always add photos.
  • Start with a goal of one post a month or better yet, one post every two weeks and try to find what works for you.
  • I love to add people in my photos, but make sure they know you are doing it and they approve.
  • Adding in links to other sites adds interest and builds your following too!

I am so happy that people find my stuff interesting enough to come back and to tell others about my blog. Thank you:)

I've been working behind the scenes of my blog to improve it and create more content for certain parts of my love of quilting!

Have you noticed the new section of Pages at the top of the blog?

And leave me a comment on what you thought of this content?

Tutorials and Gluten Free Recipes are the next pages being assembled and soon to arrive  here.

All the best,




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