Living and Quilting in the North

Our area is spread out, we're all living within the area of British Columbia that is full of rich natural resources. Our garden helps with growing fine, fresh produce each summer.

We are Canadians and other nationalities who sometimes live here full time, sometimes part time and most recently, we're becoming a baby boom town of new families. 

This photo was taken during the summer of 2003 when forest fires plagued our province and we had one during this late summer.

This is the size of fish we catch every year in the various rivers around our beautiful Bulkley Valley! This photo is actually of me, catching my first 37 lb spring salmon in 2004. It was a rainy day, but we're prepared for just about anything and we tough the elements out.

The families and quilters who make this area their home also are farmers, loggers, snowmobile riders, hockey players, rodeo riders, school teachers etc. We are very lucky to have a wide variety of wilderness opportunities abound our home.

We're as rural as they come! We're not so particular as to what we use for siding on our homes or sheds for that matter! This one caught my eye and only in rural life you'd find something like this display of frugal recycling! They are actually license plates nailed to the building.

These sockeye salmon are just one species of fish that inhabit all our rivers up here, so if you love to fish, move on up  here and enjoy the best! These are red  because they pooling around finding mates in the fall and about to die in their cycle of life after spawning.These fish bind us together into one community of rugged people who know how to survive in some harsh challenging environments.

Lots of us live in homes built many years ago and we like it that way. We like our independence and our mutual love of our precious environment. We are back to lander's and loving it!

Often the Midsummer Music Festival held in Smithers every year is a focus for families and my husband and I can found attending all the music festival each summer.
We are used to wildlife everywhere and this moose is wary as she crosses a forestry road many km's from Smithers. But moose are smart enough to winter over close to a community.

My quilts manage to find homes in all sorts of places, like our local community hall, Round Lake Hall.
These two fine ladies, Dina Hansen and Judy van der Muelen have kindly stood holding the quilted sign for this photo.

And sometimes, my quilting helps a young lad with a broken bird repair!

Hope you've enjoyed a little look inside the area of where I make my home, rural and loving it!

All the best,



  1. Oh...I just loved your post, the pictures, makes me want to come and live there!

  2. Thanks Barb, so glad you enjoyed a road trip of the Bulkley Valley. Its the heart of the all kinds of new mining development and of course the dreaded Enbridge Pipeline right through our country!

  3. Very cool indeed.Have never visited BC. except the transit lounge of the Vancouver airport. I grew up in Ont. as a country gal and lived in Africa for 11 years. I will enjoy following your work.


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