Good Friday Chicken

This is a photo of last years chicks hatched right here on our little farm plot in Quick, BC. Let me introduce you to Martha. She is  named after a very special lady who is a dedicated Mommy! She is checking me out with a wary eye, just in case I'm planning on any advances on her clutch of chicks.

Martha was the first chicken who on our little farm, actually sat for 21 days on 9 eggs and hatched 7 of those eggs. This performance was outstanding as the incubators we used did not so well.

Its actually Good Friday in Canada and I'm not eating chicken, but rather I'm mucking out the barn!

Fresh chicken manure in the north needs at least 1.5 years to  become usable compost. But the rewards are awesome with fresh strawberries, cabbage, brocolli, just about anything that you like to grow, they all like compost.

 After all the muck, straw etc is removed from the barn, I then sweep the insides of the walls, corners etc, sprinkling Diatomacious Earth, which is basically fossilized shells from underwater organisms. Its all completely natural and provides the perfect natural insecticide for your chickens to prevent the over growth of lice etc in the chicken coop. As you can see, we really sweep the DE into the corners, we even add some to the new straw of the nest  boxes. We've never once had lice on our chickens.

And so, as my day of cleaning out the smelly manure of our chicken coop comes to an end, I hope that this little trip down memory lane for some of you reminds you to grow you own garden, have a back yard chicken coop, even if you live in the city! 

If you live in Canada, check into

 or you could decide for yourself if you agree, is having chickens is a charter right in Canada?
I think it is anywhere!

At any rate, I encourage all people to get as close as you can to your food. Its simple to me, I'm reading this great book that really is putting things into perspective for me regarding global warming and other challenges we are faced with right now!

I leave you this Easter Weekend with this thought, which came first, the egg or the chicken?

All the best, Happy Easter!



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