My To Do List of Projects

I'm had a bunch of things on my plate lately. I'm an active long time member of British Columbia Women's Institute, I reside in the Bulkley Tweedsmuir District and I'm VP of our rural Quick WI. Having said all this, what does it all have to do with my plate being full.

1. I am the lead and chair of the Smithers Centennial 2013 Quilt Project, which is 11 artists collaborating on a block of all different sizes which will form the center area of the Centennial Quilt.
It takes planning to keep all the balls in the air for this one. Its the big mega project that I eluded to earlier in the year. I have one completed block turned in to me which I'll share just bit of it so you can get the gist of what we are doing.

2. Annually, each of our BC Women's Institute districts hold a Spring Conference around this time of the year and this year ours is in the lovely little town of Hazelton, BC. Delegates and members from the Southside are of Francoise Lake all the way through the Bulkley Valley will participate in plans to move our organization ahead for another successful year. I've put forth a very special proposal and we'll be discussing it and holding our elections for this year. This photo shows Nola Weston holding her great new banner! Each district makes their own banner and many of our districts are updating theirs as we did.

3. I'm a back yard farmer, we raise meat chicken each year, have layers year round and we grow a lovely garden each summer. But most importantly we have spring salmon to catch from the Skeena Watershed. We have Huckleberries to pick, morel mushrooms to pick each spring and as fall closes in for another winter, my husband and I go hunting.

And all along the way, work at jobs, involvement with BV Modern Quilt Guild is ongoing and fun, but still takes time. I've taken on the role of Interim President until we have formally registered our non-profit assn., then we'll have an election and carry on with a new president.We host a "Quilt In" Saturday day each month to reconnect, share our passion for quilting and get to know each other better.

So because of all of this happening now that spring has sprung in Northern BC, for us, its a "hair straight back time" till the snow flies again in November. Its a seasonal madness that takes over the valley and we love it. Along the way we'll gather and play music!

Will I quilt throughout the summer, yes, but maybe not as often. I usually make up kits of  handwork that I can do over the summer from my  backpack. Like these dresden plate fans that we made over a summer of fishing.

This is my life today! Have a great one, off to play in the garden! Digging dirt is fun! But when I'm back inside, this is what I'm playing with in the sewing room. 

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